Make-A-Wish Kids Insulted In Front of Disney Princesses

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It’s safe to assume that Disney Guest behavior at the Parks has reached an all-time low. Recent reports of Guests getting drunk, urinating in public, and assaulting Cast Members are just a few shining examples of these unruly visitors. Needless to say, their actions are quickly sucking the magic out of many Guests’ vacations. However, there have been a few instances where Guests aren’t just disgusting but morally reprehensible.

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Disney has worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation for many years, granting wishes of over 145, 000 sick and injured children around the world. Since 1980, the company has partnered with the charity on multiple occasions and it continues to bring hope and happiness to thousands of kids each day. However, Disney can certainly bring kids to the place where dreams come true and offer them unique experiences, but some Guests have proven to be a particular problem. Because while these kids are obviously going to get special treatment to compensate for their harsh, often fatal, health conditions, that doesn’t sit well with some visitors.

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On a recent Reddit post concerning the most appalling Disney Park Guest behavior, many users shared their stories of how rude visitors have spoiled the magic of a trip to Walt Disney World. Naturally, the comments were a wash of Guests screaming at Cast Members, littering, standing up in ride vehicles, and even urinating in line. However, some disturbing comments consisted of how belligerent Guests treated Make-A-Wish children.

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u/DVSghost shared their report of an incident they witnessed on their trip that truly shows how ridiculously rude and cruel some Guests can be.

“The worst guest behavior ever was a mom at Frozen. A Make A Wish family was brought to the front of the line as per usual. And this one mom exclaims with all of the attitude: “Wow, I wish my kid was dying so I could skip lines too” The entire queue stopped talking to stare at her, the husband looked at her disgusted and just left her there while the loader ushered her to the exit.”

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If that instance wasn’t bad enough, u/flamingopocalypse shares an even more unsettling interaction while they were not only working as a Cast Member, but as an attendant for a character Meet and Greet. While working alongside one of the Disney Princesses, they had this unfortunate encounter.

“I had to cut the line off and I let a Make A Wish family in after that as the last family before a break. This woman had a go at me and said “why do they get to go in and we don’t?” Bearing in mind, she wasn’t even the next group in line, she was a few families back. Also, the Make A Wish family had a child in a serious-looking wheelchair. Me: “Ma’am, she’s part of the Make A Wish foundation” Her: “So what?” By this point, other families are looking at her in disgust. Me: “Ma’am, she has a child with a serious illness or cancer.” Her: “I don’t care, she shouldn’t be able to skip the line” I had to walk away at that point for my own sanity (and so I didn’t get fired for saying something I shouldn’t).”

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It’s one thing to insult Make-A-Wish kids at Disney, but to do it in front of Disney Characters is a special kind of toxic. Not only that, it would take some Oscar-worthy character acting to not break after seeing such inconsiderate behavior. Guests like this really need to get their priorities in check, especially while in a place like the Magic Kingdom.

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