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  1. Chris

    I hope that the Make a Wish kids got extra attention and those that insulted them were at bare minimum removed from the queue, better still kicked out of the park for the day.

    1. Gary

      Agreed & I am a former CM & will be again in the future when Disney gets back to where Walt would be happy.

  2. Bob Cheapskate

    People that make comments like that should be banned from coming back period. Who needs or wants that?

    1. Stephanie

      I completely agree!!!

  3. Brenda

    I love Disney world. We went every year for 10 years. I have a heart condition. I used to get a handicap pass. My problem was all the cheerleaders who abused this. They we there for competition. One of them would get hurt and they would use a wheelchair. About 10 of their friends would use the pass. When my child was there, with her friends. I never let them come up with me. People in line would say how do I get to cut line. I always never said anything. I held my tongue. Some people are rude. I want to say have a bad heart or just because you can’t see what wrong with someone you have to take abuse. Disney has always been very supportive.

  4. Lynne Arnold

    Stopping calling people Karen’s is a good first step.

    1. Ed


    2. Em

      This is why I can’t work customer service jobs. People are so rude and I would’ve been so mad I would’ve HAD to break character.

  5. Kaytlin

    My daughter got to go to Disney world with Make A wish 3 years ago. It was more magical and inspiring than I can express. The cast members were without exception wonderful, the characters especially so – I’ve never seen my daughter or her sisters so happy and carefree. The guests around us were also great. They were kind. Sometimes I could tell they felt awkward like they weren’t sure if we were the literally dying family or the spends way too much time in hospitals variety (we’re the latter) but I was actually touched by seeing many parents crouch down and explain to their Littles why our family got to cut in line. I literally saw other families encourage their kids to wave and say hi to my daughter and point out how happy she looked and encourage their kids to be glad for her. Ours were not the only parent eyes tearing up watching my daughter’s reaction to the characters. There may have been a few jerks but I honestly don’t remember them. The world is much longer than we often give it credit for.

  6. Sue

    This is the reason I hate people. Sad that someone who wish there child was dying . It’s just as bad when someone pretends to be disabled and they are not. Maybe there wish would come true and see how they would like it. I’m only saying this bc my daughter is disabled and it’s sad bc she did t ask to be but people want to be so they can get to the head of a line or park closer to the parks. It’s just sad and sick

  7. Cheis Nielson

    Thankfully, no, I have not personally witnessed such behavior at Disney World. I’ve seen that kind if crap other places, but I suppose it can happen anywhere.

  8. Heather

    My daughter was granted her wish in 2006. We experienced a woman complaining as we were seated in a roped section of Fantasmic. She asked why the cast member couldn’t seat them there and he told them we were part of MAW. She wanted them to put her where we sat. I wish that I had told her she could have a sick kid instead of me. I almost lost my daughter and she is complaining about not getting there early enough to find seats for her family.

  9. Sharon Irving

    Back in 1994 my youngest daughter was a Make-A-Wish child and those fabulous five days at Disney World were the best in the 8 years of her life. What Disney does for the children defies description, their magic is like nothing else … it makes that child truly feel like they are beyond special. Even now so many year later my eyes fill with tears remembering how happy she was … she never smiled as much, laughed so much or had as much joy as that Disney World trip gave her. Our whole family will never be able to thank the Disney Family for all they gave her.

  10. Linda Coughlan

    It breaks my heart to think that parents with sick children have to see/hear these things!! People are so cruel. If they could just try to imagine themselves in their shoes. But then again…
    Today ignorance runs rampant in this world. I just wish it didn’t.

  11. Krystina carrio

    We spent the week after Christmas and Disney World and boy. I can’t tell you how disgusted I was with the fellow guests. When you’re in a group of 8 to 10 all we’re the same cute little family vacation shirts do you really have to walk in a straight line and not behind each other or 2 x 2, because parent kids in wheelchairs forget the strollers, but a child in the wall chair is very heavy and massive. His poops are ignorantly rude when they won’t move for you because I feel they have the right to walk however they want. My other issue was the guests that use their mobile phone for everything and decide to stop dead short because they don’t know which way they’re doing it because they’re trying to follow the maps. I ran into one gentleman who turned around and was cursing at me because we hit him . Are you trying to stop a wheelchair that has the force of 100 pounds coming down the hill because you decided to stop in the middle of the road. It’s not my problem. It disgusts me how entitled people feel because they are. They are on the property. It disgusts me that they’re looks like my God because we didn’t get to go ahead and line because of the disability access pass for my child who is a five minute she’s five trying to enjoy Disney as a child. Should these grown-ups really ruined it for everybody.

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