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Bob Iger with Cast Members

Credit: Robert Iger via Twitter

Almost ten weeks to the day that Bob Iger returned to Disney and fans are conflicted.

Bob Iger

The world of Disney was shocked on November 20, 2022. After hearing that former CEO Bob Chapek’s contract had been renewed for another three years, fans were disheartened. Many blamed Chapek for the ills plaguing the Parks, the studio, and the company. Then, out of the blue, both Chapek and the world found out that Bob Iger would be returning to his post, albeit for a limited time.

Credit: Disney

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Many hoped, and still do, that Disney CEO Bob Iger would reverse many of the Chapek-era policies that have become so unpopular. Things like Disney Genie+, Park Reservations, and inflated entry prices are all still chaffing many Guests, whose patience, although it’s only been ten weeks, has started to wear thin. Still, Disney fans are still holding out hope that Iger and Disney Executives like Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, will make good on their promises to listen.

Josh D'Amaro at Disney Springs
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A marked change with Bob Iger’s return has been his presence in the Parks. In the past ten short weeks, the Disney CEO has been seen at both the Disneyland Resort in California and, just recently, Walt Disney World. His early appearances were marked with nothing but praise and relief: a return of optimism that maybe, just maybe, he would make the improvements that the Parks have been in desperate need of.

Iger interviewed by ABC
Credit: ABC News

His recent return to Walt Disney World brought some mixed reactions this time. The CEO stopped and posed for a picture with several Cast Members and posted the photo to his personal Twitter, showing them praise and appreciation:

@RobertIger said:

Had a great visit to @WaltDisneyWorld this week and I’m always so inspired by our spectacular cast members, who bring such talent and dedication to everything they do. Thank you!

While the reactions were generally positive, along the lines of his early visit to the Disneyland Resort, the lack of change of Chapek-Era policies seems to be catching up with Iger. Some fans offered criticism, citing these issues; others, the wages paid to Disney Cast members:

@imaginat1on responded:

Did you make a reservation? Use Genie to plan your day? Wait in any lines? Stay in a standard WDW hotel room?

@TOCPE82 said:

All CMs deserve a raise. Be different and hold the company to a higher standard.

Still, there was an air of determination from many respondents. Many fans not only praised Iger but also sent ideas, and requests, expressing hope that the CEO would make the improvements they feel are needed.

@JohnDMcGuigan said:

I hope you can put the “magic” back in the Park experiences. Recent changes have made it less enjoyable & more a job to schedule, reserve & ticket. When added to the drop in service at property stays the high cost is no longer justifiable, please fix it.

If Iger and D’Amaro genuinely are listening to fans and Park Guests, there are a few straightforward things that fans are hoping for. If the returned CEO can facilitate the fixing of the reservation system, Cast Member wages, and the Disney Genie+ debacle, they may just win back their favor and stay in their good graces.

Cinderella Castle Partners statue at Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

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That being said, Iger does have a lot on his plate. In addition to running the company, he also must be sure not to repeat his biggest mistake and choose a worthy successor to the position that truly understands Disney. It’s an unenviable position to be in, and one that fans hope Bob Iger can successfully navigate.

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