DC Cancels Two Popular Projects Ahead of Reboot Update

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With more DC news on the horizon, two popular projects have just been axed!

The Justice League
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DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has promised that he and Peter Safran will be announcing the new direction for the DC Universe before the end of the month. The buzz for this announcement has only been added to by the many little things Gunn and others have teased, like a mystery project that the CEO has been working on and the exuberant video posted by Jason Momoa following a meeting with DC Studios leadership, but it’s not all good news.

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Any DC fan is, by now, aware of, and still a little upset over, the cancellation of Henry Cavill as Superman in the DC Universe. A little less disappointing, but still a surprise, was the short-lived run of Black Adam (2022), especially considering that Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) is still on the docket.  With other projects and franchises like Patty Jenkins/Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman up in the air, fans are hoping for some clarity in the forthcoming announcement.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince
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DC has made one thing clear this week, though: two popular DC projects have just been confirmed to be canceled. Deadline reported that the two projects in question are the HBO Max series, Titans and Doom Patrol. After each having 3 1/2 seasons, DC will be ending these stories following their fourth season finale.

Titans from HBO Max
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This comes as yet another surprise, as both series were well-received by both critics and fans.  Doom Patrol even famously contributed to the Brendan Fraser renaissance in Hollywood, something that fans have lauded across the world. While television and streaming are generally a safe way to play with characters outside the DC Comic mainstream, these two series quickly rose to popularity, and fans and critics alike were quick to throw the blame on James Gunn once again.

Doom Patrol from HBO Max
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Gunn was, as ever, quick to respond, clarifying that the decision to cancel the shows was made before he began his tenure at DC Studios:

The decision to end the series precedes us. But I certainly wish the best for the talented group of creators, actors, and the rest of the crew that produced both shows.

There was an unmistakable tone of disappointment in the comments made by showrunners for each of the canceled projects but no malice. Titans showrunner Greg Warner showered praise on the cast and crew and expressed his immense gratitude to Warner Bros Television, HBO Max, and others before turning his attention to the fan base:

“I have to thank our incredible fans for their continued support, engagement, and the passionate community they’ve built around our show. We have six episodes left to unleash upon the world that we hope will give our beloved characters the creative closure we all know they deserve.”

Doom Patrol from HBO Max
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Showrunner Jeremy Carver echoed similar sentiments for his show, Doom Patrol, thanking the production companies and giving praise to the cast and crew, saying that they had made it a “once-in-a-lifetime ride.” Fans can look forward to hearing more about upcoming projects and, hopefully, which are sticking around and which are on their way out before the end of the month.

What do you think about Titans and Doom Patrol ending? Let us know in the comments below!

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