Daisy Ridley Accidentally Confirms ‘Star Wars’ Mistake For Sequel Trilogy

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Rey in Star Wars The Force Awakens

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Daisy Ridley has spent years being attacked for her character, Rey, and has decided to stand up and defend her character, but she ends up helping fans stay angry at the Sequel Trilogy.

Daisy Ridley as Rey
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When George Lucas sold the rights to Star Wars and Disney began working on Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens (2015), fans were cautious. Some were excited to see a Star Wars movie on the big screen since it had been ten years since Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith (2005) was released in theaters.

The Sequel Trilogy only led to the fanbase being torn apart as some fans adored the new trilogy while others hated every part of it. Rey, at the end of the trilogy, with her force healing powers, decides that even though her bloodline is connected to Palpatine, she wants to be known as a Skywalker in honor of Leia and Luke.

Snoke and Rey in 'The Last Jedi'
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Rey’s parents have always caused a stir online as fans weren’t happy with how JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson presented two different ideas for who Rey’s family was. Star Wars somehow kept both because it was more important to undo the work of the other director instead of creating a unified vision.

For most of her time after Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker (2019), Ridley has stayed quiet and to herself, but she has recently started to speak up more. She has teased that she could soon be working with Lucasfilm again and has met with the company recently.

(l-r) finn, chewbacca, rey, c-3po, and poe dameron in rise of skywalker
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In an interview, she opened up about Rey’s parentage and how she liked either perspective that the Sequel Trilogy provides:

“Well, J.J. [Abrams] was the one who was like, she is of no one, so it wasn’t just The Last Jedi where that was the message. What was interesting about the last one, for me, was that you can be a hero and not come from anywhere or you can be a hero and come from literally the worst person in the universe.”

Daisy Ridley as Rey #allstarwarsisgood
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What’s so interesting is that Abrams is the one responsible for telling Ridley that she comes from no one, when the director is responsible for bringing Emperor Palpatine back from the dead for Rise of Skywalker. The director went to great lengths to assure fans that this was always the case, but Ridley has more than once admitted this was not the case.

Even though Ridley defends the decision behind Rey’s parentage, she only reminds fans of Abram’s mistake of telling Rey in Force Awakens that she is a nobody before completely changing the Star Wars universe.

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Lucasfilm has left the trilogy alone ever since 2019, but it seems that future movies and projects will begin to explore different areas around the Sequel Trilogy. One can only hope that Star Wars has learned their lesson and won’t make more mistakes as they did with Rey’s parentage.

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