Kevin Feige May Have Helped Create Another Marvel Universe

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Kevin Feige

Source: Marvel Studios

Kevin Feige is well known for helping produce a plethora of Marvel projects, but he may have helped create a whole new Marvel universe in his spare time.

Kevin Feige talking to Tom Holland
Credit: Marvel/Sony

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The MCU is the crown jewel for Marvel Studios, but it isn’t the only endeavor they are investing resources. Marvel has their hands in merchandise, games, video games, and of course, comics to ensure they create as much content for Marvel fans as possible. This process has led to great success for Marvel, but video games has been their sore spot.

There have been some great releases, such as the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Insomniac’s “Spider-Man” video games, but most fans think about “Marvel’s Avengers” video games and are left disappointed. Now, EA and Marvel are teaming up to create a series of video games in its own universe, and Kevin Feige might be responsible for this.

Iron Man video game announcement
Credit: EA Motive

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The first game in this deal will be Motive Studio’s “Iron Man” videogame, that will be an open-world single-player adventure game. Little is known besides that Iron Man’s history in video games is nonexistent, making this announcement very exciting for fans who want to play as billionaire Tony Stark with all his cool gadgets.

Other video games in the works outside of the deal include the new “Midnight Suns” video game coming in December, A WWII action-adventure game with Captain America and Black Panther teaming up, and a “Wolverine” game being made by Insomniac. Overall, there’s a lot of hope for Marvel’s future in video games.

Marvel's Avengers cast ready to go on a mission
Credit: Crystal Dynamics/ Square Enix

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A report from Bloomberg confirms that the game went into the playtesting phase last week. Laura Miele shared in the report that its part of EA’s attempt to have a more balanced portfolio of projects to attract more players to their video games:

“We have an intentional, deliberate strategy to have a balanced portfolio… there will be Marvel fans who don’t play other EA games. That’s been true with Star Wars.”

Marvel's Avengers going to battle
Credit: Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix

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This is very true for Star Wars fans who adored games such as “Jedi: Fallen Order” and even the “Star Wars: Battlefront” franchise. Unlike Star Wars, Marvel has a lot of projects in development, leaving fans with many more games to attract fans, while Star Wars constantly deals with more canceled or shelved video games.

Going back to Kevin Feige, Miele reached out to Feige back in 2019 for some wisdom on how to oversee all of EA’s game studios. While fans might not know what was said behind closed doors, Miele did start a working relationship with Jay Ong, the head of Marvel Entertainment, in 2020, leaving fans to wonder if Feige brought the two together.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales dressed as Spider-Man
Credit: Insomniac / Marvel

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If he did, then Feige would be partially responsible for creating another Marvel universe, but it’s not like the man has any time to spare to directly oversee the projects. With the MCU going into Phase Five in a few weeks, Feige is very busy with several movies and Disney+ series.

Some reports have even claimed that Feige might be “spread too thin” as he can’t oversee as well as he used to due to the number of projects being created, leaving him a little out of the loop. This report may be false, but it does seem to be true based on how several Phase Four projects have felt lackluster compared to what Marvel has done previously.

Wolverine sitting at a bar
Credit: Insomniac / Marvel

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That doesn’t mean that Marvel is getting worse, but that every project isn’t as reliable as before to be amazing. There will always be fans who love or hate a project, but it seems that Marvel might have to shake things up, and video games might be able to satisfy fans who need something different.

What are your thoughts about Feige setting up a new Marvel Universe in video games?

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