What Is Happening? Multiple Attractions Closed at Disney World Opening

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There are certain aspects of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation that frustrate Guests the most. One of which is attractions not opening with the theme parks. Whether a Guest is primed at rope drop, or has their finger hovering over the refresh button on the Disney World My Disney Experience app, a ride closure at the time the gates open can completely derail a Disney vacaction.

It sounds extreme, but in the age of Park Passes, Park Hopping, virtual queues, and the tricky Disney Genie+, an attraction not opening is a big deal for some.

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One year on from the commencement of its 50th anniversary, The World’s Most Magical Celebration, the Walt Disney World Resort is an ever-changing beast. Just recently the relatively new, at least in theme park years, Disney Genie+ moved to a variable pricing system with the highest price for Disney World hitting $25. This is the same for the Individual Lightning Lane Selections with rides like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios operating on a sliding pricing scale.

The prevalence of Disney Genie+ has left some Guests struggling to keep pace with the Disney World landscape — a landscape that, sometimes, feels set to work against Guests as opposed to helping them. In a time where a visit to The Most Magical Place On Earth is not only more costly but harder to navigate, and planning now taking the forefront of a Guest’s Disney experience, the usual expectations are shifting.

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So, when after days, months, even years of planning and organizing Park Passes comes to fruition and attractions that Guest’s want to ride shut down, it can be incredibly frustrating. But, whose fault is it? No ones. The risk of visiting a Disney World theme park, or any theme park really, is that not every attraction or experience a Guest wants to partake in will be available. However, a loosening of rules, at least in the Park Hopping arena, would greatly alleviate the tension of paying for a full-priced ticket and not getting the full Mickey Mouse-shaped bang for your buck.

Spaceship Earth
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Today, at Walt Disney World, multiple attractions did not open with the Disney Resort or shut down close to the Park opening. WDW Stats (@WdwStats) shows us that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance did not open with Hollywood Studios:

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has been temporarily interrupted. On average, an interruption takes 45 minutes.

At the same time, another popular attraction at EPCOT Park did not open:

Frozen Ever After has been temporarily interrupted. On average, an interruption takes 93 minutes.

And then, at Magic Kingdom Park, the classic Space Mountain was also down:

Space Mountain has been temporarily interrupted. On average, an interruption takes 86 minutes.

From Tomorrowland to Adventureland, another Magic Kingdom staple — Pirates of the Caribbean — was also closed:

Pirates of the Caribbean has been temporarily interrupted. On average, an interruption takes 55 minutes.

While some of these attractions have reopened, some remain closed at the time of publication. For something like Pirates of the Caribbean, which can carry and move a lot of Guests, for Magic Kingdom to lose this crowd-thinner, could have a knock-on effect on Guests currently at the Disney Park. It is not uncommon, and it has been seen before — after all, Disney World has the perfect opportunities to track Guest movement and behavior.

Happily Ever After Fireworks at Cinderella Castle
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Disney World’s current celebrations, which saw the debut of both Disney Enchantment at Cinderella Castle and World Showcase’s Harmonious, will soon come to a close allowing popular, and once retired, offerings to return such as Happily Ever After which will likely pack Main Street, U.S.A. upon its awaited return to the Disney Resort.

All times and closures are correct at the time of publication.

Has an attraction closure ever derailed your day at Walt Disney World Resort? Let us know in the comments down below!

Walt Disney World Resort boasts four theme parks: Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park. It also features two Disney water parks, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, and the retail and recreation area, Disney Springs. A valid ticket, as well as a Park Pass reservation, is needed to enter each Park and Park Hopper hours begin at 2 p.m. daily.

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