Disney Parks Guests Want to End Park Hopping Restrictions

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Park Hopping is a great way for those visiting either the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort to be able to visit multiple Parks in one day, without limiting their experience to just one Park a day.

As a COVID precaution, Disney announced in 2021 that Park Hopping options would be limited, starting at certain times of the day to keep in line with capacity regulations as well as the recommended health and safety guidelines. Guests were allowed to use their Park Hopper starting at 2 p.m. at Disney World, and 1 p.m. at Disneyland.

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However, as health guidelines loosened, along with capacity regulations, Guests began to question the need for these Park Hopping restrictions. And even now, they are still frustrated that there is no added flexibility to using the Park Hopper.

Orlando-based journalist @AshleyLCarter1 recently sided with other Guests on this issue on Twitter:

Disney, please get rid of the 2 p.m. park hopping rule.

Other Twitter users expressed similar dismay, sharing their thoughts on this restriction and expressing confusion about the seemingly arbitrary rule and the rationale behind it:

@John701aaa had this to say about the Park Hopper situation:

Not to play “my park is better than yours”, but at Disneyland you can park hop starting at 1pm. It is all due to crowd control. I can’t imagine another reason. This is why they have the reservation system. But I don’t understand the random time of 2pm to park hop.

@ryanlmorris shared some additional sentiment on the arbitrary Park Hopper times across the Parks:

I will never understand why WDW isn’t at least following DL’s strategy and making it 1pm and no scan in at first park required after 1pm. It makes no sense when WDW parks have shorter hours, less rides, and are not right next to each other like DL.

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In addition to confusion about the Park Hopper times and restrictions, other Twitter users chimed in about the parks reservation system, which some feel is outdated and no longer necessary.

For example, @bwaybaby91 shared this perspective in response to Ashley’s Tweet:

And park reservations… (both of these things putting a major damper on my upcoming trip)

@mynamei83139707 also chimed in:

‘Then they should just get rid of park reservation system entirely. It’s useless without a restriction on park hopping

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However, some commenters, like @IbexAnonymous, don’t mind the current reservation system:

I kind of like the reservation system because it keeps it from being majorly crowded without pricing so many people out.

However you feel about the current Park Hopper rules and the reservation system, Disney still has these systems in place for now. You can read more about these Park Hopper and reservation policies on their respective Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort sites.

What do you think of these Park Hopping restrictions? Should the Disney Parks keep or get rid of them? Share your thoughts below!

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