Entire Human Skeleton Found Buried On Universal Studios Park Property

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Credit: Television OSAKA NEWS

More troubling evidence has been recovered from the Universal Studios investigation by authorities.

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This report features discussion of human remains and descriptions that some may find disturbing.

Universal Studios is often considered the prime rival to The Walt Disney Company’s myriad of theme park offerings such as the ever-popular Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and the Disneyland Resort, featuring competitors’ intellectual properties such as DreamWorks’ Shrek and Illumination’s Minions franchises.

Universal Studios itself has many theme parks around the world, six in total under the Universal Parks & Resorts umbrella, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort (Universal Studios Florida), Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Singapore, and Universal Beijing Resort, not to mention themed water park Volcano Bay. Currently, many are excited for NBCUniversal’s brand new and much-anticipated Universal’s Epic Universe theme park.

However, recent reports have brought less cheerful news to the forefront of Universal Studios visitors and theme park fans’ minds.

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Previously, we reported that human bones, namely a portion of a skull including an upper jaw and teeth, were found in bushes adjacent to the parking lot of a Universal Studios theme park. At first, many hoped that these discoveries were merely props for the Halloween Horror Nights event held at the theme park.

Ever since that first report, police were confounded as to the origins of the human remains, but now it appears that more evidence has been discovered, shedding a bit more light on the nature of this disturbing incident.

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Credit: FNN News

Originally, only one section of the skull and teeth were found on site, with no other evidence indicating a larger incident.

Now however, additional clothes and other bones have been found scattered around the bushes of the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) property in Osaka, Japan. According to reports from sources like Television OSAKA NEWS, the recently recovered human bones, when put together, effectively comprise an almost complete human skeleton. This essentially confirms that the bones recovered are indeed real human remains, and likely that of a single person on the Universal Studios property.

The pieces of clothing also found within Universal Studios Japan grounds currently includes a single black sock and a pair of long black pants or trousers.

However, the mystery does not end there.

Universal Studios Japan USJ Human Skull Found Police
Credit: TBS News Dig by Japan News Network (JNN)

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The nature and way the bones were found raises several questions. Particularly, how long the remains were on the Universal Studios Japan site, and how they came to be so disparately scattered among the trees and greenery around the parking lot.

There have been no reports of odd smells or anything out of the ordinary from locals in the area, nor from visitors to the Universal Studios Japan theme park. Universal Studios staff members were in fact the ones who reported the discovery to begin with. This information could indicate that the death was either not recent, or that the remains were brought to the Universal Studios property from elsewhere.

This news report (in Japanese) by Television OSAKA NEWS shows just how close the bones were found in relation to the park — just outside the “Universal Studios Japan” welcome signage. The news footage also shows search dogs being used alongside a sizeable team to help in the recovery of evidence:

In fact, intense typhoons are known to have been reported in the area, strong enough to even shut down the bustling theme park. It is plausible that strong winds and rain have disrupted the original placement of the human remains. Another possible reason as to how the bones ended up in this configuration, is the likelihood of wildlife and animals in the area scavenging decomposing body parts and moving the remains around in the bushes and trees.

Currently, the police are not ruling out intentional cause of death such as murder, nor unintentional or accidental causes, and a forensic autopsy is being performed on the remains.

Inside the Magic will continue to cover this situation, as more details surface.

What do you think of the human remains found on Universal Studios grounds? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Popular intellectual properties at the Universal Studios parks are Jurassic Park and modern spinoff Jurassic World, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with its iconic Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and Hogwarts Castle ride, Ghostbusters, Marvel’s Spider-Man in New York City, DreamWorks’ Shrek and Madagascar, Illumination’s Minions with their Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride, and older properties like Back to the Future, and JAWS. Even anime and cartoon mascots feature in their parks, like Attack on Titan and Hello Kitty, as well as video game properties like Nintendo’s Mario and Pokemon franchises, like at wildly popular Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. 

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