New Spider-Man Series Reveals His Greatest Weakness

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Spider-Man has seen a lot of different villains, but a new issue of the Amazing Spider-Man makes it clear that the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has a huge weakness.

The Amazing Spider-Man
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Zeb Wells, the writer for the series, has made Spidey fight Hammerhead, an odd version of the Sinister Six, and now Vulture. Right now, the Vulture has been trying to murder Spider-Man. In issue #7, Vulture snatched Spider-Man and broke his web-shooters and dropped him. Spider-Man survived because the Vulture didn’t drop him too far up.

In issue #8, Vulture decides to test Spider-Man and grabs him before he can fully repair his web shooters, causing the hero to almost die. Right before hitting the street, Spidey breaks his web canisters since they are pressurized, and his web fluid creates enough cushion to allow him to live.

Spider-Man saving himself
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Sadly, this tactic isn’t something Spidey can just do all the time as he is without any web fluid or web shooters. If it weren’t for Norman Osborn helping him out — Norman no longer has his Green Goblin identity in the series — Spidey would’ve lost to the Vulture. While fans know that Spider-Man can swing almost anywhere he wants, the hero will surely die if you take away his ability to use his web shooter and drop him without any web fluid.

Now, Spider-Man will continue to fight and save the day, but it does leave you to wonder just how fortunate the hero is and that Spidey’s villains aren’t motivated to kill him off. Sometimes a villain beats up Spidey pretty well, but no one usually tries to kill him directly.

Amazing Spider-Man Cover
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One of the reasons is that Spider-Man’s spidey sense is so powerful it’s hard to hit the super hero in a fight. Vulture’s tactics make the most sense, but Marvel won’t allow a character like Spider-Man to die like that. Whenever a hero like Spider-Man dies in the comics, it has to be a heroic death, and falling a thousand feet would be a terrible and quick death for the hero.

While Marvel won’t dare to kill off Spidey like that, they need to keep readers from believing that the comics are purposely keeping Spidey out of harm because that makes the stories told feel weak and less compelling when fans know that their hero has no chance of dying or being defeated.

Norman Osborne on the Amazing Spider-Man cover
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What are your thoughts on Spider-Man’s weakness? 

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