Disneyland Fans Once Again Call For Live Streaming Ban

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An angry emoji next to a photo of Pirate animatronics, filmed through a phone camera during a Disneyland livestream

We’ve covered numerous viral incidents of Disney influencers, “Disney Adults,” and Disney Vloggers disrupting the Guest experience at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. Many Guests feel that just being filmed for others’ social media content is “unbelievably rude” and “annoying.

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While many so-called Disney Influencers bring the magic of the Disney Parks to the rest of us at home, others have found themselves with lifetime bans for breaking Disney Park rules. In June, two Disneyland Resort influencers were hit with a petition to ban them from the Disney Parks after allegedly admitting to going to the Parks while sick. They later showed negative COVID-19 tests. 

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In August, some fans begged Disneyland Resort to ban live streaming after a Disney vlogger allegedly streamed himself abusing the Disability Access Service (DAS). This week, fans continued the conversation on Reddit.

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u/AmbitiousQuirk wrote that they’d seen streamers with the flash on during dark Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure rides – against the Disney Parks code of conduct:

Why would anyone want to live stream in the darkness of Pirates Of The Caribbean? Not to mention the commentary the Tiktokers make (giving shout outs to usernames, explaining where they’re at in the ride, talking about their day, asking for followers). There was a man live on Big Thunder and it was night out so you can’t see crud as a Tiktok viewer/user. All you can hear is people woo-ing.

My family and I were at the parks months back and I could not believe how many people were on their phones for each ride. The brightness of the screens.. the flash being on.. Etc. I think it’s a big issue.

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The post received many votes of support. Another Disneyland Resort fan, u/snowace56, agreed that vlogging and live streaming is “out of control.”

“It’s so annoying. Disney gets free marketing out of it,” they wrote. “Not sure if there is any incentive or real ability for them to limit it. They already tell you now no flash photography which gets ignored like a flight attendant doing the safety speech.”

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If you plan to film your Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort vacation, please be respectful of other Guests and follow all Disney Park Cast Member instructions.

Do you think Disneyland Resort should ban live streaming? 

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