Comments for Disneyland Fans Once Again Call For Live Streaming Ban

An angry emoji next to a photo of Pirate animatronics, filmed through a phone camera


  1. Setve

    It’s pretty telling that probably the only vlogger/streamer worth it is a British guy who visits Disney Parks once a year.

    1. Concerned my ass

      Always nice to have a bigot show up and start spouting nonsense. Gfys 🙂

    2. Kurt

      Concerned, save it for Sunday School…

  2. Phil

    Influencers, vloggers etc waste of valuable oxygen

  3. Punk

    YouTube is full of all these idiots! Channels like best life and beyond and many others on YouTube completely annoying. When a grown man in his late 40s and 50s are still into Disneyland like a 5 year old something is really wrong.

    1. YourWifesBull

      Says the punk… Go worship your softball and let people enjoy things

    2. Lol

      But somehow, I bet you worship Adam the Woo’s feet. You’re so obvious when you immediately know the names of vloggers you stumble over yourself to comment about. Hate “vloggers”, but somehow know about them huh?? Not suspect at all

    3. Lol

      And yet, I bet you worship Adam the Woo’s feet. You’re so obvious when you run on here to talk trash specifically about them. You detest “vloggers”, but somehow know who THEY are huh?? Not suspect at all.

    4. Aaron

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Disney is for all ages. Don’t be such a stick in the mud. You’re being ridiculous.

      1. Caren

        Disney has no age limits, I’m a 53 yo woman and me and my husband are huge disney fans. Stop being so pathetic and ageist lol….

    5. Mindy

      Lol, Disney is for everyone, regardless of age, not just for little kids. Without adults there wouldn’t be a park. Your life sounds miserable. I am so sorry for you.

  4. Jackie

    Please van live streaming and the use if mobile phones on rides, it spoilt my granddaughter’s first visit and ride this year, people with bright screens and talking throughout, it’s a goddam nuisance and should not be allowed.

    1. Kevin

      They ARE prohibited. Usually announcements before the ride starts. But people don’t care. Heck, it’s the same at the movies. No one has any consideration for anyone but themselves any more

      1. Danielle

        What you do is accidentally knock their phones out of their hands when you throw up your arms and yell “WEEE!” It’s not your fault that his live streaming got in the way of your fun.

        1. Cheesy

          This is such a funny idea. Can you really get in trouble if you do it? They weren’t supposed to have it out in the first place lol

          Ngl I am so tempted to do this next time I deal with a streamer.

          1. Steve

            Yes, you will be removed from the park and trespassed for that cute little stunt.

  5. Walter

    Absolutely yes!
    These vultures that live stream are profiting from peeping Tom videos.
    They should be sued by every single person who appears in the screen without consent.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      Hey Walter
      What would you sue them for? If you are in a public place like a theme park you have no expectation of privacy. They have every legal right to video you and your offspring enjoying or not enjoying their day in the park.

      1. Except Scott, Disneyland is not public, it is definitely private property where admission is paid and rules are set forth to protect other guests’ rights. When these vloggers record and make money off said recordings without permission of those in the video captured on private property, those captured could sue for a cut or at least have YouTube remove the video. Here are some of the rules park goers agree to when buying a ticket or AP for your edification:

        Prohibited Activities
        The sale of goods or services, or the display of goods or services, unless prior written approval has been obtained.
        The distribution of printed or recorded materials of any kind unless prior written approval has been obtained.

        Engaging in any unsafe act or other act that may impede the operation of the Disneyland Resort or any part thereof.

        Photography, videotaping or recording of any kind, or otherwise engaging in any activity, for unapproved commercial purposes.

        Unauthorized solicitations of any kind, whether commercial, religious, educational or otherwise, or conducting any unauthorized commercial activities, including solicitations of money or other contributions or donations.

  6. Joxua

    YouTube platform is to blame for the out of hand intrusion of privacy.
    These peeping top vultures who live stream in first person camera view are paid money from YouTube.
    The streamers are Not creating any content, no actors or editors or creativity, just creepy scavengers trying to steal from innocent and non-consenting people and children.
    YouTube is to blame for allowing and employing these leeches to stream on the platform.
    The streamers are thieves paid by YouTube and random cash donation apps.
    They should be sued by every single person who appears in the screen and every intellectual property they try to profit from.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      Your misunderstanding of the law is clear. When you visit a public place like Walt Disney World you have no expectation of privacy. If you do not want to be videoed in public, your only recourse is to stay home in your bedroom or bathroom.

      1. Sean

        Don’t criticize others when you yourself don’t know what you’re talking about. Disney parks are not a public space.

        1. Bobby C

          Actually they are. While they are privately owned, they are a public place so there is no expectation of privacy. However, using the video of others for profit is a grey area.

          1. Col

            Curious question with that, can you enter the park without paying?

            Genuinely don’t know as I’ve never been but if you have to pay to get in then by definition I’d think it isn’t classed as “public space” if admission is controlled in such a way.

            1. Dawn

              The only way to enter without paying is to be signed in by a CM, but there are rules attached with the tickets (same as any ticket).

  7. Mindy

    Vlogging hasn’t bothered me, but I was on the Star Tours ride last night, and the dingbat woman in front of me had her phone out recording and taking pics. It’s just inconsiderate and selfish. Universal Studios makes people put all of their stuff in lockers for each ride. Disney should start doing the same.

    1. Bill

      They need to stfu when on rides .. no flash .. keep camera at eye level only .. no huge cameras blocking other guests

    2. AB

      That is a lie ! Universal Studios DOES NOT make you out your phone in a locker for every ride !

  8. Marco

    AP holders are pretty annoying too. Yeah we get it you’ve been here 1,000 times. AP’s ruin the experience for people who have never been there before. Disney company doesn’t care about live streamers it’s free promotion.

    1. AB

      Why sooooo many KARENS AND KENS though ????? Y’all mad ? Lol 😂 lol 😂

    2. Dawn

      As an AP/KH, I have so many friends that ask me to be their “tour guide”, then after the time in the parks say that they will never go without me. Not all AP’s “ruin” the experience, there are many of us that help to make magic happen 🙂

    3. Steve

      Well, you are the kind of person that ruins our experience by being a clueless, entitled jackass. If you don’t like that we got a discount, too bad.

  9. Jen S

    The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act makes it illegal for these streaming sites and apps to host these videos. It’s illegal for them to retain the material displaying kids under the age of 13 without a parent or guardians consent.


    I think they should have to have PERMITS to vlog; Have background Checks; Pay a FEE; AND be limited to a certain amount of videos per month. {YOU’RE WELCOME.} lol.

  11. Was at Disneyland Wednesday. So many selfie sticks and bloggers. It’s crazy. I thought the selfie sticks were outlawed. But these bloggers are out of control. Light on during electric parade. Etc.

  12. Ellie W

    Worst one I saw was during a RunDisney 5km. A woman was filming or live streaming her run, phone up in the air, her staring up at it rather than looking where she was going (it wasn’t even the route/scenery, it was her filming herself running) and she ran straight across the path of a double amputee on blades, who then had to turn quickly to avoid colliding with her, he then slid across the path and fell over. She barely stopped, even after he shouted at her, half waved and sang out a “sorry” then continued to film her run. Didn’t stop to check her was ok or help him back up. Felt pretty disgusted by that that level of self-absorption.

    1. Bill

      They need to stfu when on rides .. no flash .. keep camera at eye level only .. no huge cameras blocking other guests

    2. Bill

      Fkn bith should have been knocked out

  13. Nick

    That’d drive me insane, they should have all personal items left in a locker before riding. No one cares Cindy your on the ride 🤦

    1. Quodnomenmihiest

      Las time we were at Disneyland.. Haunted Mansion, as soon as we get to the stretching room, a hundred phones come out. Same with Pirates. As soon as the boat launched, 5 or 6 phones comes out, and I could see the same number of bright screens from the boat ahead of us. Not so much on rides like Space Mountain, there was someone ahead of us who was trying to record the ride with his phone and was muttering so e gibberish, but I would have laughed my ass off if he lost his phone during the ride. Things only get worse when one of these idiots decide they want to be an “,internet prankster” and start deliberately instigating things in order to get eyeballs and inflate their own egos.

      It’s pure narcissism and “I’m the main character” mentality that channels like YouTube and TikTok have commoditized behavior like this.

  14. Don’t do it. If you ruin my time there I will say or do something. I pay good money to not have to have it ruined by some idiot doing a vlog.

    1. Bob Lee

      Our black mirror culture is out of control. I am not going to lie as I have enjoyed a few live streams (Best Life) but I think if I was in the park witnessing them vlog I would be pretty annoyed. It is pretty obnoxious and self-involved. If Disney ever had an old school phone free day I would pay for it!

  15. Not Kobe Bryant

    Disney Karens are mad lol!

    If you don’t like it, don’t go : P

  16. Mr Canuck

    Too many complainers AKA Karen’s here. It’s really no big deal. The bloggers I don’t mind watching as they do keep you informed of what’s happening at Disney and I never had an issue with them blogging while on a ride. People need to relax and enjoy the happiest place on earth.

  17. Zoe

    I hate people recording on dark rides, ruins my experience

  18. Kris

    During the pandemic the 1 thing that kept me going was Disney videos on YouTube. I will mever get to go to the parks outside the US, and Florida keeps creating laws against my very existence so I won’t be going there either. The only way I can experience these attractions even in the slightest is on YouTube. It’s 2022. All of you complainers need to change with the times.

    1. S1

      Just go the parks like a normal poerson.

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