Instagrammer, Vlogger Brings Disney Parks and Positivity to Everyday Lives

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Since May 2018, Disney superfan, influencer and vlogger — Amanda — has been bringing the Disney parks and positivity into everyday lives.

It all started when she was accepted into the Disney College Program where she decided to document her experience for her friends and family. Now, 2 years later, the Orlando local is still bringing her followers into her home and life as they follow along on Amanda’s Disney journey.

Inside the Magic had the opportunity to interview Amanda and find out more about why she decided to become an Instagram influencer and YouTube vlogger, how the temporary park closures affected her ability to bring positivity to her followers, and just to get to know Amanda a little bit better!

What made you decide to become a Disney Instagram influencer and YouTube vlogger?

I started a Disney specific Instagram account and YouTube channel back in 2018 after I got accepted to do the Disney College Program! I wanted to use my social channels to document my journey as a Cast Member basically just to have something to look back on.

Working for Disney was truly the best 5 months of my life, and I’m so glad that I was able to document so many amazing memories to help educate others about the program. But honestly, I never would’ve thought that I’d still be doing this 2 years later. I’m seriously shocked to see how much my account has grown since! 

What is your favorite part about being a Disney Instagram influencer and YouTube vlogger?

My favorite part is definitely being able to connect with other Disney lovers around the world. I love being able to talk about my own experiences, share park tips & tricks and also show off my own, unique #Disneystyle in every post! I am also seriously so blessed to have met so many other amazing Disney creators that have turned into some of my best friends over the years! 

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the five months i spent as a CP in fall 2018 was the happiest time of my life, hands down. i can honestly say that the hardest thing i’ve EVER had to do was say goodbye to that era, and i truly miss it everyday. i met some of my absolute best friends during my program and cannot even BEGIN to imagine how i would’ve felt if my time spent here with them was cut short unexpectedly. – my heart breaks for all the current participants who don’t get to have that full experience. i am so beyond sorry that this is happening, but just know that if your goal is to be here making magic, then you’re going to be able to do just that when this is all over and the time is right. but for now, please stay positive and remember to keep following your dreams, as this is just one small bump in the road of your cast member journey. long live the magic we’ve made ? – talk to me about everything that’s going on here right now in the comments down below ?? ALSO — if you or anyone you know are struggling to find a place to stay during this time or just need to vent, please don’t hesitate to reach out. my DM’s are always open, and i would be more than happy to use the resources that i have to help you. stay safe ?

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What is your favorite Disney park and why? 

My favorite Walt Disney World park is definitely Magic Kingdom. It is just so nostalgic to me and feels the most magical. I absolutely adore walking down Main Street USA and seeing the castle, it never gets old! But I also fell in love with Disney’s California Adventure during my first ever trip to California last year around this time! I’m a huge Pixar fan, so getting to experience Pixar Pier for the first time meant everything to me!

Who is your favorite Disney character and why?

I talk about how much I love Buzz Lightyear so often that people truly think it’s my brand at this point. It’s to the point where multiple people will send me Buzz Lightyear related things on the daily! But Toy Story has always been my favorite movie since I was a kid, and I was definitely a tomboy growing up. I’m not even really sure why he stuck with me over the years, but I just think he’s far superior than Woody and is definitely the star of the movie! (Lol)

Is there anything else still on your Disney bucket list that you haven’t yet done?

When the world returns to normal, I will definitely start planning some potential trips to the international Disney Parks. My #1 bucket list item is to see all of the castles in person someday.

What’s your favorite time of year to visit the Disney parks?

This is always a tough question for me because I love Halloween so much in general, so Halloween time at the Disney Parks is definitely my go-to. But Christmas time is just so magical, and the weather is always so nice here around that time. So definitely anytime between September-December for sure!

What is your favorite part about visiting the Disney parks?

I just love how I can go even multiple times a week sometimes and still never get sick of it. Every time I go I treat it as if it’s my first time there because I just never want to take it for granted! I still freak out every time I see the characters, ask any of my friends!

I know you are also a fan of Universal, what is your favorite part about visiting their theme parks?

Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are truly just unmatched. Harry Potter is seriously such an amazing series and WOW, Universal truly brought all the magic to life. They also host my all time favorite event, Halloween Horror Nights, and you can seriously catch me there every night during spooky season. I’m so sad that it’s not happening this year, but that just means 2021’s houses are going to be even better!

How has the park’s temporary closure (both Disney and Universal) affected your vlogging/Instagram? How did you manage to still bring the magic to your followers without being able to visit the parks?

The moment I heard about the closure I was definitely nervous. Social media had basically just become my full time job, so I knew I was going to be hurting for awhile.

I’m just glad that I was still able to post some old memories and share some Disney magic from the comfort of my home! There wasn’t a day that went by during the closure that I didn’t post. My #1 goal is to spread positivity and magic everyday, and if that didn’t stop me, I truly don’t think anything can!

I love what I do so much, and am so grateful that during this time I was able to snag a remote job as an OFFICIAL Disney Travel Agent! So now that the parks are reopened, not only will I be able to keep sharing my own Disney trips, but I now can even help my followers plan their own!

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me within the next year and am so grateful for all of these amazing opportunities.

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please stand clear of the doors ? ☆ ☆ ☆ i know this isn’t the most ????????????? ???????? photo in the world, but it’s definitely a #magicalmoment that i really want to share with y’all! – so the other day i was getting on the monorail, and one of the cast members there stopped me to tell me he liked my sweatshirt ? i thanked him and asked if i could take a photo in front of the monorail quickly before it took off! he said sure, but i think they’d look a lot cooler from the drivers seat — so he let me sit in here to take my pics + let me honk the OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD horn for all the guests onboard ?? it was such a small gesture, but it made my whole day before i even got to the park! now THAT’S #disneymagic ?? – YOUR TURN!! tell me some of your favorite magical moments that you’ve witnessed at @waltdisneyworld in the comments down below ?? and definitely check out my story to watch me honk the horn ?

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If you want to follow along on Amanda’s Disney journey, be sure to check out her Instagram profile or her YouTube channel! 

Do you love following Disney Instagram Influencers and YouTube vloggers? Who is your favorite to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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