Fan “Broke Merida” During Disney World Meet and Greet

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Merida Meet and Greet

Credit: TikTok/@faartheram

Merida took her place once again in Fairytale Garden at Walt Disney World at the end of July as a part of an ongoing, character experience rollout following COVID-19 closures. Since then, hundreds of Guests have enjoyed meet and greets with the Princess, whose permanent visiting area is located in the Florida Fantasyland.

cinderella castle 50th anniversary Disney World
Credit: Disney

The star of Disney/Pixar’s hit film Brave (2012) dons her classic green dress and unruly, firey curls for a “play and greet” that invites visitors to “practice archery, colour your own ‘tapestry’ of Merida as well as her faithful horse, Angus, and spend some time with Merida herself” according to the official experience description.

The official film description reads:

Credit: Disney

Since ancient times, stories of epic battles and mystical legends have been passed through the generations across the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland. A new tale joins the lore when the courageous Merida confronts tradition and challenges destiny to change her fate.

Brave introduces a multitude of new characters to audiences, from the fiery teenage princess Merida to the murderous bear Mor’du. When Merida’s mother, the dignified and elegant Queen Elinor, is transformed into a bear, mother and daughter must work together to find a way to reverse the spell, all the while attempting to placate feuding lords and avoid the kingdom’s most renowned bear hunter—King Fergus himself.

Inside The Magic shared the following YouTube video to give Guests a sneak peek inside of a visit with the Princess of DunBroch, and her mischievous siblings turned bear cubs.

In the months since the Princess’ return, several Guests have taken to social media to share their excitement, like Merida superfan and TikToker @brendahelenaa.

bear hugs🥹 merida is my favorite character to meet! Which one is y’all’s fav?💚 #StJudeDadPhotos #merida #disney


bear hugs🥹 merida is my favorite character to meet! Which one is y’all’s fav?💚 #StJudeDadPhotos #merida #disney #disneycharacter #disneyprincess #disneyworld50

♬ Somewhere Only We Know – 𓆩♡𓆪

The clip captures Merida’s charisma as she barrels toward the Guest for an epic “bear hug,”

Many Merida encounters take place in a similar fashion, though there was one encounter that left the Princess of DunBroch’s cheeks as red as her hair.

In a recent TikTok video posted by user @faartharam, one Guest shared that they think they “broke Merida” during their time together at the Magic Kingdom.

I think I broke Merida #disney #meridabrave #disneyworld #merida

I think I broke Merida #disney #meridabrave #disneyworld #merida

♬ original sound – Faar Ram

In the clip, the fan towered over a flustered Merida who eyed him up and down as he appeared to kiss her hand, his curls equally as impressive as hers.

“Where were you when my 3 suitors came?” she asked the giggling Guest before prompting him to “shoot for her hand” just as the aformenti0ned “feuding lords” did in the film.

Credit: Disney

The fan struck his best archery pose as the Princess got in close to adjust his form, after which she declared to the group that “the wedding is back on.” Surrounding Guests laughed along remembering that in the movie, Merida infamously shot for her own hand in an effort to render her suitors and any potential wedding plans useless.

The Princess then leaned in for a photo, resting her head on the Guest’s chest with eyes closed. “His hearts racing!” she told the group. They flexed together for the next photo, which Merida said would double as their wedding invitation.

Credit: Disney

The Cast Member taking their photo noticed that the Guest was sporting two MagicBands instead of one, prompting the Princess to as if he already had a lady. He then pointed to the woman filming the video as Merida apologized profusely and doubled over in laughter.

With the admission that the Guest had not yet proposed to his lady, Merida realized that her role had been reversed from that in the film.

“I had three men shooting for my hand, now it’s us shooting for his hand!” she said. The ladies then began comparing their skills to determine who was the better match.

Merida and Angus
Credit: Disney

For those who are also looking to shoot for Merida’s hand, or to simply add her character experience to their itinerary, availability can be found both on the Walt Disney World website, and on the My Disney Experience app.

Do you have a favorite character experience? Comment yours below!

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