Marvel Officially Announces New ‘Fantastic Four’ Series, Releasing Very Soon

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John Krasinski as Reed Richards

Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel just announced that a new Fantastic Four series will launch this fall meaning that fans will get to see a new iteration of the iconic team a lot sooner.

fantastic four silhouettes
Credit: Marvel Comics

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With the Fantastic Four movie set to launch Phase Six of the MCU, fans are dying to know any detail about who will play the iconic super heroes. Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t expect John Krasinski to reprise his role as Reed Richards due to the fact that Sam Raimi made it clear that the casting was only for fan service.

Due to the Multiverse, fans might get to see several variants of the team over the next few years, but for right now, Marvel is focused on creating a new comic run for the team. It’s hard to know whether or not the team will have inspiration for the MCU or tease any potential details for fans, but the new series is set to debut in November.

John Krasinski as Reed Richards
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel Comics announced the series yesterday with a brief description on what to expect:

“To launch this new era of Fantastic Four, North and Coello have landed the team⁠—or, at least, a member or two⁠—in a world of trouble. Something has gone terribly wrong in New York, sending the Thing and his wife Alicia traveling across America to escape it. But when they stop in a small town for the night and wake up the morning before they arrived, they find themselves caught in a time loop that’s been going on since before they were born… That’s been going on since before they were born… That’s been going on since before they were born…”

Fantastic Four Cover for New Series
Credit: Marvel Comics

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The other issues will slowly bring the whole team back together, but the writer for the series, Ryan North admits that he wants to tell smaller scale stories with the team after Dan Slott’s run focused on how the Fantastic Four had to save the Multiverse:

“I had the advantage that Dan Slott’s run went super huge. In the most recent arc, ‘The Reckoning War,’ they saved not just the universe, but the Multiverse. That made the choice obvious: I’m never going to go as big as Dan did, so let’s tell smaller stories about the Fantastic Four. That was my way in.”

fantastic four mark wald
Credit: Marvel Comics

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North continues by saying he hopes his stories are similar to the type of storytelling Star Trek in the ’60s felt as he hoped to tell a lot of self-contained stories without retreading the past:

“I want to do these smaller, self-contained stories in the vein of ’60s Star Trek, where they go down to a planet, find a weird thing, fix the weird thing, and move on. Having these four weirdos roll into town where there’s a mystery or a problem or some sci-fi thing, solve the problem, and then move on struck me as a very interesting way to position the Fantastic Four and tell stories that would feel fresh and not like a retread of what we’ve seen before.”

John Krasinski as Reed Richards
Credit: Marvel Studios

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It’s hard to tell if these stories will give fans any details about the MCU’s iteration of the team, but it won’t be long before fans learn more about Marvel’s first family. Until then, fans should hope to see if any news is revealed at D23 this year, but North’s Fantastic Four run might be a good place to start learning about the super hero team if you don’t know much about the super hero team.

Smaller scale stories tend to focus more on character development as the team will handle more personal matters which will probably lead to some interesting moments.

Do you think the new comic run will give fans a tease of what to expect for the MCU’s Fantastic Four? Let us know what you think!

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