Former Disney Cast Member Calls For End to Grad Nite, Religious Park Events

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Left: A woman talking in front of a photo of Cinderella Castle. Right: Guests smile with a "Grad Nite" banner at Disney California Adventure.

Over the years, Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and Universal Orlando Resort have hosted various hard-ticket high school graduation events.

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While Walt Disney World ended its Grad Nites in 2011, Universal Orlando Resort still hosts Grad Bash at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.  Disneyland Resort once held Grad Nite at Disneyland Park but moved the after-hours event to Disney California Adventure in 2011.

Disneyland After Dark Grad Nite Reunion
Credit: Disney

Additionally, the Theme Parks have been home to various religious events since their inception. Walt Disney World Resort ended its Christian concert event, Night of Joy, after 35 years in 2018. Universal Orlando Resort still hosts its annual Christian music festival, Rock the Universe.

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However, a former Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member, @TremaineTok on TikTok, is calling for an end to these events due to poor Guest behavior. Other Guests have also complained of “vulgar, racist” behavior at Disneyland Grad Nite and referred to the teen Guests as “unruly.” But the former Cast Member alleges it’s much worse than that:


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@TremaineTok posted a video response to a comment suggesting Disney end Grad Nite.

Rock the Universe
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“Let me tell you, it is the second most miserable night for Cast Members,” she says in the video. “The first most miserable being Night of Joy, which is a Christian event… Grad Nites and Night of Joy are miserable because of how the actual people in the Park act during the event.”

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The former Cast Member says employees spend 60-70% of their time during these events preventing teenagers and adults from “making magic,” a euphemism for sexual or inappropriate activity at the Parks.

Credit: Universal

“They are also the number one and number two nights for theft,” she explains. “It has insanely high rates of teenagers and even adults going into gift shops and just taking stuff and walking out. Now, the fact that this happens during a Christian event is hilarious to me.”

@TremaineTok says, especially at Grad Nite and Grad Bash, kids don’t think they’ll be held accountable. However, she claims that entire high schools have been banned from Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort due to the behavior of one person.

Disney California Adventure Park Entrance
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“They do not bring enough chaperones. Now, I don’t remember what the minimum ratio of chaperone to student is, but it’s not enough,” she claims. “And also, the students don’t have to stay in one large group. They can wander around with their individual groups of friends, which means that the chaperones really can’t do anything.”

@TremaineTok says schools force Disney Cast Members and Universal Team Members to be “babysitters,” and says “that’s a whole load of bulls**t.”

Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts' Nite
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“They need to end Grad Nites and Grad Bash and Night of Joy while we’re at it,” @TremaineTok says. In the comments, she clarifies that while Night of Joy and Grad Nite at Walt Disney World Resort ended in 2011, Universal Orlando Resort and Disneyland Resort should follow suit by banning Grad Nite and Rock the Universe.

@ninigirl955 works at Universal Orlando Resort and agrees with @TremaineTok. “As a team member, GradBash/GradVenture (middle schooler) and Rock the Universe are probably the worst shifts I’ve worked,” she wrote.

Do you think graduation parties and religious events should be banned at the Disney Parks and Universal Orlando Resort? 

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