‘Star Wars’ Writer Rails Against Old Republic Film Adaptation

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When Lucasfilm revamped Star Wars timeline with new official eras last year, it gave Star Wars fans hope for exciting future content, including more from The High Republic era — this golden age of the Jedi Order explores the galaxy 200 years before first prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999).

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But some fans want Lucasfilm to go even further back in the Star Wars galaxy’s history to the Old Republic age. While this era — which has given rise to characters like Darth Bane and fan-favorite Darth Revan — has been explored in video games and novelizations, it has yet to be featured on the big screen.

Despite rumors that the Star Wars studio has previously considered a film adaptation of the ever-popular “Knights of the Old Republic” video game, nothing has come to fruition as of yet. Now, it’s become apparent that least one person isn’t keen on the idea of a live-action movie adaptation of the original BioWare game.

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KOTOR writer Drew Karpyshyn addressed the idea of a film in a recent Reddit AMA, and he is not onboard, nor is he a fan of Amazon’s upcoming “Mass Effect” adaptation — though he did acknowledge that he could be bought, for the right price:

“I don’t want them to make a KOTOR film or a Mass Effect film. Not if those films are just going to tell the same story as the games. Branching narrative games tell stories in a different way than a linear medium like film, and we have SO MUCH content that you’d have to cut 80% of the story to fit it into a film. Maybe it could work as a series, but even then I think it would be problematic. […] But if they knock on my door and drop a fat sack of cash on my front-step, I’ll probably change my tune.”

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At this time, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and other executives have not commented on the possibility of a “Knights of the Old Republic” movie — however, the settings for both Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige’s and Thor director Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movies remain unknown.

Furthermore, there have been rumors that popular Hollywood star Keanu Reeves could take on the role of Darth Revan, the Jedi-turned Sith Lord-turned Jedi, though this casting has not been confirmed.

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With numerous movies and Disney+ Original series coming down the pipeline for Lucasfilm, it is certainly possible that fans will see the Old Republic era in live-action sooner rather than later.

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A Change.org petition asking for a video game remake of BioWare’s original “Knights of the Old Republic” notes:

In July of 2023, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic will turn 20. Yes, you heard right. Knights of the Old Republic will be celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary in just a few years time. The perfect time to release a remake of this classic game.

Originally released back in 2003 Knights of the Old Republic went on to win one-hundred-twenty-six awards. Forty-eight of which were various forms of Game of the Year Award, including Game Developers Choice Awards” best game of the year, BAFTA Games Awards’ best Xbox game, and IGN’s Best Overall Game of the year. IGN also ranked Knights of the Old Republic 3rd on its list of the best films and video games of the 2000-2009 decade. By the time of 2007, it had sold over 3.2 million units. This game was a big deal when it came out and still is to many.

Would you like to see a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic movie actually happen?

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