DC Fans Believe ‘X-Men’ Star Should Replace Ezra Miller’s Flash

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Ezra Miller as The Flash

Credit: Warner Bros.

Fans believe Elliot Page would be the perfect replacement for Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/Flash in the DCEU.

Ezra Miller as the Flash
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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With Ezra Miller no longer playing the iconic speedster after their next movie The Flash (2023), fans have been rallying together to figure out who would be a great replacement. While fans have offered several different fan castings over the past few weeks, a new name has surfaced. Elliot Page.

While some fans would recognize the actor for playing Kitty Pride in X-Men: The Last Stand (2005) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), fans believe that he could be a good replacement for Ezra Miller. Page already has some experience playing super heroes due to his time with Marvel playing Victor in The Umbrella Academy series on Netflix.

Ezra Miller as the Flash
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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Other sources have shared how Page could be a great replacement for Miller as the Flash and several fans on Twitter agree with the idea:

Elliot Page as the Flash is… not something I would have thought of myself, but I can absolutely see it.

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This isn’t great but I tried drawing Elliot Page as The Flash

I feel like some people are just fancasting Elliot Page as The Flash because they like him and wanna get rid of Ezra Miller. But I genuinely think he could pull it off.

Just want to take this moment to say Elliot Page would make a great Barry Allen, in case there’s ever a need to, you know, cast a new Flash, for whatever reason.

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This is honestly a pretty solid casting choice. I could see Elliot Page pulling off a solid Flash.

That doesn’t mean that every fan agrees with this casting choice. Other fans have vocalized that they felt other actors would be a better pick.

He could probably pull it off but I saw this fan casting on twitter and I think it’s great

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I’d stick with tv flash tbh the man has done really well

Nah he’s way too little. Wouldn’t mind seeing him take on a superhero role but not Barry Allen.

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Overall, Ezra Miller being the Flash is definitely something Warner Bros. must be regretting. Ever since Miller has been accused of grooming and brainwashing a teenage girl, the actor has been on the run. While they claim to be innocent, Miller has managed to hide from authorities while more victims come forward to share their experiences with the actor.

Do you think Elliot Page would make a good Flash? Let us know what you think!

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