Fans Beg Universal to Remove Annoying Characters From Theme Parks

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Universal Orlando recently announced the closure of their 20-year-old Classic Monsters Cafe, marking the end of an era for many Universal Studios fans. Construction has also just begun next door at the former site of Shrek 4-D, which closed in January.

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It’s rumored that Shrek 4-D will be replaced with a walk-through experience based on Despicable Me’s (2010) Minions, based on construction permits and its proximity to Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. The 3D Minion adventure ride opened in 2012.

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Universal Guests can meet the yellow Minions nearby or catch them on different parade floats and special events throughout the year.

It seems that Universal Studios Classic Monster Cafe will be replaced with a Minions-themed restaurant, turning that section of the Park into a Minion fans’ paradise.

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Universal fans aren’t happy about these changes and have been very vocal on social media. Twitter user @drewshul_ replied to a message from Universal Orlando Resort’s official account, saying that he enjoyed his visit but wants Universal to focus more on classic attractions like Mummy (currently closed for refurbishment) rather than the Minions. He wrote:

I spend a lot of time at Universal, we go just about every weekend and sometimes more, also annual passholders, we just love it there, the only requests I have are please no more minions and please hurry with the mummy lol

Some other users expressed concern about the longevity of the Minions as an Intellectual Property, given that Illuminations, the film studio responsible for Despicable Me (2010) and its sequels, only owns two other properties.

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Twitter User @TCJaalin wrote:

Nothing against minions, I just think universal needs to diversify their characters. Especially when it comes to illumination. Illumination only has 3 IPs. That’s a problem. Illumination has been around 10 years and has a fraction of the IPs Pixar and DreamWorks had at their age.


User @ThemesRenewed replied that the film studio Blue Sky encountered the same issue after the intense popularity of Ice Age (2002) – nothing else they made could compete. He wrote:

Blue Sky had the same issue and 90% of their attractions globally were all themed to Ice Age.

Other fans want Universal Studios themselves to produce new films rather than getting the theme Park rights for others’ intellectual properties like Minions and Harry Potter. User @OrangeGrove55 wrote:

Universal has a major IP problem, they need to get their studio right so they can start pumping better IP into their parks.

Even though disappointed Universal fans are vocal online, theme Park Guests of all ages still flock to the nearly ten-year-old 3D attraction, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. It regularly boasts nearly two-hour waits.

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Universal Orlando hasn’t commented on the rumored Minions walk-through attraction or the Minions restaurant. Inside the Magic will report on any Minion news from Universal.

Do you think the Minions should stay at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know in the comments. 



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