Comments for Fans Beg Universal to Remove Annoying Characters From Theme Parks

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  1. Sarah

    I think it’s silly that people are upset about the monster cafe. For starters, if y’all loved it so much, you should’ve visited it. Every time I’ve gone, I visit the cafe, and it’s always dead.
    Not even to mention the fact that the old school monsters are set to be getting their own huge section of Epic Universe, including a ride! Patience is key. It makes sense they would remove something not bringing people in much, to make room for other things. Especially since another version of something similar is already in the works. I’m CERTAIN all of the old props and statues and such will be reused in the monsters area at Epic Universe. And honestly, I can’t wait to see what they do with it all. Hopefully it gives a new life to something great that most people overlook.

    1. Chris Wood

      I’ve never been to the monster cafe, but this was probably planned from the very beginning when the new epic park came to mind. I personally never saw a minion movie and I can choose to not go there when it opens

  2. billnyenotascienceguy

    If I remeber correctly the ride opened in 2017. So that’s 5 years which isn’t old and it’s a fun ride and it’s always a long wait. So I don’t think UO is going to get rid of the ride because a couple of people are whining. I go on it everytime I visit along with E.T. Do you Universal.

  3. Bella

    I love the Minions however since Universal doesn’t have the IPs like Disney they have to over use the few they do have.

  4. J Smith

    Too many parks are “kiddifying” themselves. Kids are NOT the only ones going to Universal. Leave the classics that most enjoy (Example: The Mummy) the way they are. If you want to add stuff for kids, put them an area with other kids stuff and leave the adult stuff alone !

    1. Bryan

      To be fair, shrek was a kids ride, and kids could still enjoy monsters Cafe, it’s like someone and almost everyone is saying, they are building a new romured monsters section in Epic Universe, and right now Studios needs more and better rides, it doesn’t matter of it is geared to kids or not, it can still be FUN for EVERYONE.
      You need to stop whining, because the monsters Cafe, isn’t only for adults and older kids, it is for the whole FAMILY. I think it is good that theya re looking to add SOME more kids attractions, because they can’t only have things for teens and adults.
      The parks are not “kiddifying,” it just seems that way, parks always had something fir oids, and it wa stimw to swap some attractions out and replace them with something new. And who knows Mayne they can bring it back in Epic Universe, stop whining, I get it, that’s what you think, but I’m just saying that I don’t agree, and why, while also giving some small facts.

  5. Angie

    I’m also an annual pass holder and die hard Uni fan. My family has been making multiple trips a month since we moved to Florida in 1997. While we are always sad to see attractions we love being shutdown, we are always excited to discover something new! Attractions and characters become stale and as years go on, they become obsolete as younger park-goers have never seen what the attraction is based on. The classic monsters will have their own area in Epic Universe. Though I miss the attractions that are closed for renovation, I don’t mind waiting for them to do it right! (Rather than have them rush and skip fun details to appease visitors)

  6. Car

    If taking out Shrek 4d should put another ride. Not a walk thru exhibit.

    1. Temery

      I agree. I heard they were going to create a ride based on the How to Train Your Dragon movies.

  7. Eric

    Does anybody else kinda think ITM is anti- universal

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