First Looks at Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in DisEnchanted

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I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss… since 2007! The film debut of Enchanted (2007) won the hearts of so many movie fans, with notable nods to Disney Princesses and a romantic storyline punctuated with movie stars, classic 2D animation, and quippy conversation. The long-awaited sequel, Disenchanted (2022) has begun production, and leaked photos from the set are emerging!

First Looks at Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in DisEnchanted

disenchanted amy adams
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Princess Giselle (Amy Adams) is right out of a fairy tale… literally! Climbing into New York City after being tricked by her evil stepmother, the Queen. After meeting real-life Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter, a relationship develops. Giselle realizes she wants to remain in N.Y.C. as her Prince returns to the fairy tale land with city girl Nancy Tremaine (Idina Menzel).

Disney announced a sequel, much to Disney fans’ delight, including Maya Rudolph as the new villain, and a big song number by returning character Nancy, Idina Menzel. Stephen Schwartz addressed the upcoming musical numbers, saying, “There are seven songs plus reprises, which is more songs than the original. We wrote a song for Idina’s character in the first movie, and then they didn’t have her do it. But in Disenchanted she has one big number and part of another one.”

amy adams on set of disenchanted garden
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Disenchanted sees the return of all of these characters, plus Prince Edward (James Marsden), Edgar (Oscar Nunez), and Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino). We ought to see new characters like the Seven Dwarfs, too! But as the production rolls on, set photos and stills from production photographers are leaking. We are getting looks at Adams and Dempsey in period costumes, which suggest that we might be returning to Andalasia.

Adams is clad in a white and gold look, complete with trim, cloak, and hood. The most surprising element of these photos is the baby carriage! How many years have passed since we met with Giselle and Robert?

giselle and robert disenchanted set
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Dempsey’s look is one that we haven’t seen before – a period look, not like the Halloween costume inspired Prince he wore to the ball in the first film installment. This look is a blue tunic and white sleeves, brown gloves, and some buckle-ry around his midsection.

patrick dempsey on disenchanted set
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We get a better look at the details on Dempsey’s costume here, as he strolls to another set location, followed closely by production staff. The gold trim separates hems, white the tall laced boots lend some authenticity to his look.

patrick dempsey disenchanted
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Overall, we’re getting more excited about the film’s slated Fall 2022 release on Disney+. You can already stream the first installment, Enchanted on Disney+ while you wait for the sequel to come along. Stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more Enchanted news!

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