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When Guests got to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or really, any of the Disney Parks around the world, many Guests are often stunned at the high level of details that are created. Aside from that, Guests can find happiness in the delicious food offerings, the merchandise, the attractions, and entertainment. Disney is truly able to create a world of fantasy like no other.

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But, that does not mean everything is perfect. Of course, not every Disney Park is going to be up to every Guests’ standards. Sometimes, someone may enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios and not feel like they are in the movies, or walk though EPCOT and not appreciate how they can travel the world, but then Magic Kingdom will blow them away. Every Guest has their own Disney Park preferences, and many like to state what those preferences are. 

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One Disney fan took to the internet to ask Guests if they have ever been disappointed in a Disney Park. Of course, Disney fans accepted the challenge and began the discussion, and some of the responses were very interesting. 

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One Guest noted that EPCOT was their favorite Park, however, it is the one they are most disappointed by at the moment. Oftentimes when Guests hold a Park to such a high standard, and changes are made, it could be tough to live up to that expectation. EPCOT is a construction zone right now, so it is understandable why Guests may not be thrilled with the construction walls taking over half the Park when the cost of their ticket has not been altered.

My most recent visit to EPCOT in 2021. To be clear, it’s still by far my favorite park and change for the better is coming.

BUT, with all the construction walls and closed off areas (Energy, Health) along with the neglected areas (Land, Seas, Imagination, Space Ship Earth), the traditional front of the park just feels wrong. It’s in a weird limbo between the park I loved in the early 2000’s and the new park it will become.

World Showcase is still great, but with all the closed areas it gets even more crowded (there should never be a line halfway to Norway for the Mexico ride…).

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The comments regarding Disney fans loving EPCOT but not loving the construction and the crowds as of late continued to grow.

I was also disappointed by EPCOT last year. I normally love this park, but it was a mess. The construction walls in Future World made it so much harder to navigate. Walking from Soarin to Test Track was a hike when you had to go around the front of Spaceship Earth. The A/C in SSE was not turned up and it was probably 76F-78F in there. Mouse Gears was reduced to a converted warehouse space. Cool Club was still closed.

World Showcase was insanely crowded with everyone trying to “Drink Around the World” and being really obnoxious about it. Trash was noticeable and often on top of the receptacles because they were often full.

There were other disappointments, but I’m trying to stick with the elements that were not (or should not have been) affected by the pandemic.

One Guest even referred to EPCOT as a “maze” which is understandable as I once ended up at a dead-end when the walls were first erected. As a tip, always go to the left of Spaceship Earth!

Interestingly enough, Disney’s Animal Kingdom was highly discussed as disappointing as well. It seems that Guests are looking for more to do while they are there. One Guest stated:

Animal kingdom always feels too crowded with not much to do. Fop is good but the line is always too long. Same with safari if you catch it during a busy time. Everest is good. Dinosaur meh. Rapids has always been closed in the winter. Avatar boat is good once but not if the line is long.

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It seems that one disappointment with Animal Kingdom seems to be the closure of Expedition Everest which is currently under a big refurbishment. A fan of the attraction noted, “IMO Animal Kingdom is kind of a let-down especially right now with Everest closed. I’m a huge Everest fan. I think it’s the best ride in any of the WDW parks. Flight of Passage is fun but the wait times are always crazy. Just not enough to do.” One Guest even replied saying that they agreed and skipped Animal Kingdom on a recent trip due to the attraction’s closure.

Another Guest took thing over to Disneyland, saying that the only time they were disappointed in a Disney Park was when Disney California Adventure was first made. This was a sentiment many Disney fans felt, which lead Disney to do a massive overhaul, and now Guests no longer feel that sense of disappointment!

The only disappointment I’ve had in a Disney park as a whole was with the original California Adventure, which made so many mistakes when it first opened. There were just tons of moments walking around and saying “why would they do that?”. It’s improved so much since it first opened.

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Disneyland Paris Resort was also brought up, with Walt Disney Studios Park being the disappointment. That being said, the Park is gaining massive expansions that will pull in Frozen and Avengers Campus and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

You should see disney studios now in Paris. I was at dca opening day. It was x100 better than the disaster in France. It shouldn’t even be open. It’s brutal. There are currently 3 expansions being built. As a result you can walk the entire park in litrally 7 minutes. The food options are non existent. At least it will get better.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios was also bashed for its lack of shaded space, and Disneyland fans could not accept Magic Kingdom as superior to the original Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Park. Some Guests also noted they were sad to see reservation systems still in place and how the Parks have been operating since the pandemic.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Parks operations.

Have you ever felt disappointed when entering a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments below.

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