Universal Fans Rant Against “Entitiled” Guests, Calls Them “Absolute Worst”

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Guests entering Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Credit: Universal

When visiting any theme Park, whether it’s Universal or Disney, one thing is for sure: you will have to wait in line.

Guests entering Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Credit: Universal

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No matter how popular or new the ride or attraction is, most likely you will be waiting at least a little bit for it. And as rides keep getting bigger and better like with Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and the new VelociCoaster at Universal Studios Orlando, lines will only continue to get longer.

Credit: Universal
Credit: Universal

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Fortunately, Universal Studios has a few ways to help out with this issue, First of all, Guests have the option of buying an express pass which grants you the ability to basically skip the line. A free option the theme Park also offers is a single rider line. This line is specifically designed for single riders, meaning the line will be shorter than the regular stand-by where groups of two to twenty could be waiting.

Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure
Credit: Universal Orlando

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A few issues can arise in the single rider line however and a recent post on Reddit highlighted Guests’ frustrations with this system. See the full post from u/tigerseye54 below:

Single riders need to understand they don’t have priority pick

Little mini rant here. I go single a lot and pick and choose when I want to use the single rider line or standard line. I understand when I use the singles line, that lane is to fill in empty spots. It isn’t an alternative fast lane.

I think quite a few people don’t understand the purpose of single rider and get really entitled, thinking they get to pick and choose their seats. Once on velicicoaster, I saw a man argue with the staff about why can’t he (a single rider) wait for the front row seat and he continued to complain about how stupid the policy was that singles weren’t allowed front row.

Just today I waited in standard line for Hagrids so that I can get the motor bike. It was like 40 minutes but to me worth it to ensure I got the seat I wanted. The single I was paired with immediately rushed past me to get in line before me. When we got closer to loading I told them “hey could I go past so I get the motor bike?” And they responded “but I want the motor bike! I had the carriage last time” and I told them “well I waited in the longer line so that I could get the motor bike” and that got them quiet and they gave it up. I was still a little peeved that single riders don’t understand their role in the queue system and made me look like the jerk in the situation. The single rider was in line with a friend so if they really wanted to pick their spots, they should have waited in standard.

What’s everyone’s else’s thoughts on this?

Single riders need to understand they don’t have priority pick from UniversalOrlando

Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal Orlando

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As you can read in the post, the Guest stated some issues they had not so much with the system but with the Guests who used it. Others rushed to the comments to share their opinion on this situation. User u/IDriveAZamboni commented:

It drives me nuts when I see a family get in single rider then assume they get to sit together.

People are just idiots who can’t read signs sometimes

User u/lockjawshortman had a similar experience:

I’m still mad about the time my wife and I (standby) were split up on MIB because two women (single riders) rushed on the ride to sit with each other. Wish I said something.

User u/Individual-Work-626 shared their experience:

I also saw people trying to argue for front row for velocicoaster. They ended up making an announcement because not only were they arguing for front row, they had gone in a group and expected to wait together for the front row. Now, this isn’t scientific at all, but based on my people watching, the single rider line took longer than just waiting in the normal queue, and they had closed the single rider due to capacity while a group hovered at the entrance waiting for them to allow more. I picked out a person entering single rider and saw them upstairs and they were fairly far back. Two row rides just aren’t worth the single rider wait. Mind you, the line we waited in went all the way down to the very end where it loops by the water. Wait said 60 minutes, we waited about 45-50 both times.

Also saw the same at Hagrid, but we’ve only ridden in multiples of two. Now forbidden journey, I’ve gone up with a group of 2 or 3 and often we’ve ridden together, but it’s a 4 person seat so it makes all the difference.

User u/jefferson497 commented:

Single rider is fine for rides like mummy, Gringotts or MiB where your seat location won’t really matter, but on rides like hagrids the single riders need to assume they’re getting the sidecar

User u/Dino_Spaceman talked about how people try to “game the system”:

The absolute worst single riders are those who try to game the system by showing up with young-ish kids and demand they be able to sit with the kid.

Credit: Universal

Walt Disney World and Disneyland both utilize a single rider line, as well as the same issues, are sure to come up in those Parks as well. It is always important to follow the rules of these theme Parks and abide by the dictated guidelines.

More on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Universal Islands of Adventure:

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Have you used the single rider lines before? What are your thoughts on this Reddit post? Let us know in the comments below!

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