Comments for Universal Fans Rant Against “Entitiled” Guests, Calls Them “Absolute Worst”

Guests entering Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Credit: Universal


  1. Chis

    Universal employees were denying seat requests last time I was there. They were announcing it over the PA systems in the ride queues.

  2. Fun2bfree

    I recall waiting in single rider and….waiting and waiting….as the Universal Team Member let manynsingle seats go Unfilled to accommodate some “single riders” who demanded a certain situation ( seat, or sit with their kid, etc,) they need to fill those si pngle seats and keep the vehicles full at all times. The people who use single rider line who make special requests should be told- take it or go the back of the single rider line at least and let the true singles fill those seats!

  3. brian

    I remember one time when I was waiting in the single rider line, several people carrying beers in both hands, tried to push past me, demanding that I allow them to join the rest of their party….in the single rider line!

    When I said “No, this is the single rider line, so you should have no expectation to remain with your group.” They explained that they left the line to buy beers for their buddies, and therefore this somehow obligated me to allow them past me. I was previously unaware of that park rule until educated me!

  4. Shirley Evans

    I have used single rider line for MIB at Universal and Test Track at Epcot with my grandchildren once they got to an age they could ride alone. They and I understood we could not ride together and were there to fill vehicles only.
    My pet peeve when in standby queues is one member of group “saving” space for others to join later because they don’t want to wait for the ride so basically then push in, when I first went to Disney and Universal it was not allowed!

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