New ‘Star Wars’ Announcement Is Bad News For Some Fans

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It was recently announced that the “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” video game will be ported to the handheld Nintendo Switch platform on April 20.

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Credit: Nintendo

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Nintendo of America confirmed the news on their official Twitter account, sharing:

Hunt down Jedi Masters across planets as Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice in the classic Star Wars action-adventure!

STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed is launching for #NintendoSwitch on April 20. #NintendoDirect

Pre-order today:

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As it turns out, it is the Wii version of the 2008 video game that is being released for the Switch. One article noted that this is not ideal for a lot of gamers:

When The Force Unleashed first launched over a decade ago, it came to a variety of different platforms. As such, some versions of the game were considered better than others. For the most part, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 iterations of The Force Unleashed were considered the best of the bunch while the Wii version was seen as a bit lesser.

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Credit: Nintendo

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Star Wars fans who enjoy gaming almost immediately took to social media to react to the news, with some less than thrilled about the fact that the Wii version is what they’ll be playing come April.

BY2K wrote:

The fact that the Switch port of Force Unleashed is based on the *cough*superior*cough* Wii version is incredible.

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RVTH wrote:

Force Awakens is such a weirdly 2010-y thing to remaster

Mediocre Jam replied:

The Wii version of force unleashed too. Of all things.

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True to form, however, the Star Wars fandom is divided about the re-release, with some fans actually looking forward to playing the Wii version of the game again.

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Credit: Nintendo

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Kevin Sigler shared:

You know, honest to God, I’m actually kind of looking forward to that HD version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed coming to Switch. Yeah, it’s the Wii version, but honestly, it seems that version is more the kind of game I wanted in the first place, over the wonky Xbox version.

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Meanwhile, Mikael Adyn had similar thoughts:

Exited to see the team behind Force Unleashed on Wii are remastering their version for Switch. It had extra content and more levels than its HD counterpart, so don’t mistake it as some lesser version! It is it’s own game. #Starwars #ForceUnleashed #Switch

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The official description of the Wii version of the game reads, in part:

Wield your Wii Remote like a Light Saber and cast your enemies aside by using the Force in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Wii. Revealing new secrets about the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed throws you into battle against anyone who stands in your way as you carry out the orders of your commander and chief, Darth Vader.

As Lord Vader’s secret apprentice, you must undertake a one-man mission to hunt down Jedi across the galaxy and give them a first-hand lesson in the power of the dark side. As you do so, you’ll hone your ability to use the Force and then unleash it in spectacular fashion.

wii star wars the force unleashed battle scene
Credit: Nintendo

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A follow-up game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II” released in 2010.

Are you looking forward to this Star Wars video game remastering?

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