Disneyland Paris Guests Fear Incoming Trucker Protest

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When Guests visit Disney, no matter what Park around the world, they expect to feel safe, and transport themselves into a world of fantasy.

Disney is known for bringing Guests out of their, at times, complicated reality, and intro a magical world where they can act like a child and put their worries on pause, even if for a few moments. With each Disney Resort holding a castle down the end of Main Street, U.S.A., whether that be Cinderella Castle, Sleeping Beauty Castle, or another, it is easy to fall into the fairytale.

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Plus, Disney has fantastic security. With security at every entry, including metal detectors and bag checkers, Guests can rest assured that every Guest coming to the Parks has been thoroughly checked, which is a big relief for many traveling with families. At Disneyland Paris, we are starting to see travel and tourism slowly pick up as the 30th anniversary is only a few weeks away in March. With so many exciting things planned for the Resort, we are starting to see Guests plan their vacations, but it seems that for those that are coming shortly, there are current concerns.

In Canada, the media outlets have been filled with the ongoing trucker protests which have been promoting “freedom” in combat to vaccination requirements and COVID-19 mandates. Now, it seems that the same idea of the protest has trickled to Europe. It has been reported that:

Protesters angry over pandemic restrictions drove toward Paris in scattered convoys of camper vans, cars and trucks Friday in an effort to blockade the French capital, despite a police ban.

The protesters organised online, galvanised in part by truckers who have blockaded Canada’s capital and blocked border crossings. But the French action has no clear leader or goal, and comes as months of protests against French government vaccination and other anti-virus rules have been waning.

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Due to the rising concerns, 7,000 police officers to tollbooths and other key sites to try to prevent a blockade. They threatened heavy fines and other punishments for those who defy the protest ban, which authorities said was necessary to prevent “risk to public order.” The people taking part in the convoys embodied a mix of causes and vehicles, from trucks to motorcycles and camper vans.

Tjeetje took to Reddit to question if Disneyland Paris would be impacted.

Trucker protest Paris

Any people form France here that have some insight on the upcoming protest around Paris?

We are planning to go to DLRP this wednesday from The Netherlands. How are the predictions?

Trucker protests Paris from disneylandparis

ptitplouf noted that there will be tons of police keeping Guests safe in Paris, and that traffic will likely be the only concern for Disneyland Paris Guests.

They are set to arrive today in Paris. I’ve read that 7000 policemen have been tasked to keep them outside of Paris. They are setting up barricades at places of manifestions, like the champs Elysees. Disneyland isn’t in Paris though, there are chances that the truckers will have an impact on traffic around the area but I would guess not much else? If you come with your private car, just go straight to Marne la Vallée and I guess you’ll be fine. We’ll see how it goes during the day and you’ll know more about it tomorrow.

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Thomasmoors noted that they had no issues having just traveled in from the Netherlands that day.

We just arrived, saw some people drive with text on their rear window. Also from the Netherlands. We had no delay at all, it took us just over 4 hours (from Brabant).

Mysterious-Crab noted the best route the travelers could take, and also said that due to the distance between the city of Paris and Disneyland Paris, they should not worry.

The protest shouldn’t really inconvenience you. When going to Disneyland you don’t really come close to Paris.

If you life on the Western side of the Netherlands and go over Lille, you’ll follow the A1 until just after Charles De Gaulle Airport, and take the A104. That’s the most outern ring of Paris. If you use Google or a similar GPS with live traffic it could even divert you over the N1104 before Charles de Gaulle in case there is a jam on the A104.

If you come from the Eastern half of the Netherlands and go over Reims (A4), you’ll reach Disney before you get near Paris.

Just one piece of advice: when you get near Disney, follow the signs instead of your GPS. It might give you a faster route, but you’ll enter the terrain from the side. The experience is much better if you come from Exit 14 of the A4.

So, it seems that Disneyland Paris itself should not be heavily impacted from the protests.

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More on Disneyland Paris

At the moment, there a handful of shut-down attractions which are still getting updated or adjusted. For the month of February, Guests can expect to see the following attractions closed for their respective dates:

disneyland paris parade
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At Disneyland Paris, lots of changes are coming to Walt Disney Studios and their Disneyland Park, with the 30th anniversary just weeks away. Walt Disney Studios is adding a massive addition that will include Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen, as well as their very own Avengers Campus, which will be the first section to open in the Park.

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We have recently seen Disney’s Sequoia Lodge reopen while the Disneyland Paris Resort continues to undergo a refurbishment. On top of that, we have seen price increases for pins and stunning snowfalls! The Disneyland Paris app has also changed; read more on that here. Disney Stars on Parade is also back at Disneyland Park now that the holidays are over! Guests looking to skip the line can also purchase Premier Access which is a pay-per-ride system that allows Guests to skip the standby line.

What do you think of this concern? Let us know in the comments below. 

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