Disney Shareholders Allegedly Voting Against Re-Electing CEO Bob Chapek

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Bob Chapek

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One of the most controversial things happening within the Disney community right now is the overall reception to Walt Disney Company’s newest CEO Bob Chapek. Chapek took on the role of Chief Executive Officer in February of 2020, right before the entire world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

bob iger (left) and bob chapek (right) in front of millennium falcon galaxy's edge
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Many Guests do not approve of Chapek, as they see him as a profit-driven, penny-pinching corporate guy rather than an imaginative and exciting visionary. While many blame Chapek for the problems Disney World and Disneyland are both facing like the Galactic Starcruiser and closure of the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, it is important to remember that a lot of these issues were already taking place or were developing while former Disney CEO Bob Iger was in charge

bob chapek onstage
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Recently, a post on Reddit highlighted this discussion within the Disney community and gained traction with alleged shareholders taking a firm stance against the current CEO. See the full post from u/MughtyIrish below:

Unhappy With Current State of Disney Parks?

Unhappy With Current State of Disney Parks? from disneyparks

U/Mightyirish, the creator of the post went on to explain the situation further, saying:

If you are a Disney shareholder you likely received an email yesterday asking you to vote in the annual meeting. Bob Chapek is up for re-election to the board of directors. This is the most direct way to let Disney know if you are unhappy with his leadership, at least moreso than complaining on Reddit or signing an online petition. It may seem insignificant, and will likely not be successful in removing him directly, but recall that Michael Eisner lost 43% of the vote in 2004 after Roy E. Disney lead a campaign to oust him ( https://www.nytimes.com/2004/03/03/business/media/disney-dissidents-rebuke-eisner-denying-him-43-of-vote.html ) and he was removed shortly thereafter. We can do this again.

User u/oh-no-varies pointed out a specific thing the board is voting against:

The board recommends voting against a pay equity report and against an anti discrimination proposal? That’s so disheartening.

User u/captainduck2 commented:

I got mine today. You have until March 8th to vote anyway.

User u/Cherrygin1 said:

Thanks for this! Now that I know about this, I really want to make my voice heard

User u/ERnurse2019 talked about the current state of the Parks:

Thanks for the info! I’m a shareholder and have not gotten the email but I’m going to follow up. We went to Disney last week, and it will be the last trip for the foreseeable future. The magic is gone. Parks were oversold, 2 hour+ waits for everything, major rides like Ratatouille and Rise of the Resistance “down” all day, plus charging now for fast pass access, charging for parking at Disney resorts. Not running buses to the parks if there is skyliner access. The staff literally put us on the skyliner during a downpour with an active tornadoes warning, totally “safe” since it wasn’t lighting! No parades, food prices out of control. Seriously, how many millions does one CEO need. We’ve been to Disney annually for the last 12 years and what’s going on there now is heartbreaking.

User u/TaxidermyDentist compared Disney to Universal:

We are here right now. I can’t imagine a worse place to be. The Universal Experience is hands and shoulders better. Rides, food, shows, prices all better.

Mickey Mouse (L) with Disney CEO Bob Chapek (R)
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While a few dozen comments on a Reddit post do not represent the entirety of how the Disney community feels about Bob Chapek, it is a good indicator of how a decent population sees the new CEO and views his term as the head of the company so far. No Disney CEO has been perfect or universally beloved by the Disney community, but many Disney Guests and fans have a hard time seeing Chapek as anything but a “cost-cutting” businessman.

bob chapek
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Chapek has even come out saying he does not like being called a “cost-cutter” and does not see himself as one. Regardless, many Disney Guests just do not approve of Bob Chapek’s approach to the Disney Parks, with a petition to remove him gaining a lot of traction recently. Now, Guests have noticed a pretty public display of disapproval at the runDisney marathon event happening at the Magic Kingdom.

Bob Chapek at Goldman Sachs
Credit: Goldman Sachs

What do you think of Bob Chapek as CEO of the Walt Disney company? Let us know in the comments below!

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