POV: Ride Space Mountain With the Lights On In the Front Row

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space mountain lights on

If you are a Disney Parks fanatic, we guarantee that you have a lifelong dream of riding Space Mountain with the lights on. Some lucky Guests at Walt Disney World can see Space Mountain with the lights on while board the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, while others may have been riding Space Mountain when suddenly, it breaks down and they must then be evacuated off the ride.

But only a select few have the opportunity to actually ride the entire coaster with the lights on! Some lucky Guests had this chance recently and shared a POV video to TikTok.

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Space Mountain Disneyland
Credit: Disney

One TikTok user had the chance of a lifetime when they rode the entire Space Mountain attraction — with the lights on! This POV video shows what its like to experience the dark ride in the light from the front row, and let us just say… it is insane!

Before you watch the video, we want to say that here at Inside the Magic, our goal is not to ruin the magic for our readers. Instead, we really wanted to share with you how select attractions are so different when experienced in a different “light” — pun intended.

You can check out the full video here:


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More on Space Mountain at Disneyland

Space Mountain Ride
Credit: Disney

If you have never ridden Space Mountain at Disneyland, the official ride description reads:

Navigate through a vast futuristic space station as you make your way to Mission Control. Board a sleek flight vehicle and prepare yourself for a high-flying adventure to the furthest reaches of space.

Ascend slowly through a swirling solar field as your rocket powers up. Plunge through a spectacular spiral nebula and then, when the countdown ends—hang on tight!

As you hurtle forward into infinite darkness, your rocket darts and twists in the void, speeding faster and faster. Feel the g-force as you careen into the unknown!

Immersive sound effects and evocative music add to the intense sensory experience.

Brave the most epic journey of your Earthbound life and accept your mission—to conquer Space Mountain.

Space Mountain WDW
Credit: Disney

Have you ever ridden Space Mountain with the lights on? Let us know in the comments below.

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