Let’s Take a Moment to Appreciate Space Mountain…with the Lights On!

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space mountain lights on

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There are some things that Disniacs love to stop and watch no matter how many times they’ve seen it happen. A monorail passing by, a log barrelling down the flume of Splash Mountain, and a glimpse into Space Mountain when the lights are turned on.

Today, . Yes, this isn’t anything new, but Mondays are rough and to reward you all for making it through another Monday, we figured we’d take a moment to relax and check it out. Besides, who doesn’t want to see Space Mountain with the lights on?

Some park goers who were on the Magic Kingdom's PeopleMover Saturday got the chance to see Space Mountain's tracks with the lights on! Pretty cool! What's your favorite Disney ride?

Posted by WESH 2 News on Monday, March 2, 2020

You can also check out one of our older videos of Space Mountain with the lights on below:

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The Space Mountain roller coaster is a pillar attraction at Walt Disney World and is the very symbol of Tomorrowland. Arguably the most sought-after of the Moutain Trifecta, it possesses a sense of mysticism to it. It’s an indoor roller coaster where you rocket into outer space and speed across the galaxy. So, because you’re supposed to be in outer space, you only ride this attraction in the dark. And because it only operates in the dark, Disney fans and Cast Members alike all have “ride Space Mountain with the lights on” somewhere on their Disney Bucket List and who can blame them? The rarer an experience is, the more value it holds, and the more special you would feel compared to other Disniacs.

But, after you see Space Mountain with the lights on, your perception of the ride is changed forever. In the above video, you can see how compact the track is and how low those crossbars appear. Those lucky enough to have ridden Space Mountain with the lights on will almost always say its scarier than riding it in the dark. Let’s be honest, though, does that really change your mind about wanting to ride it like that?

Since the video posted today only shows an onlooker’s view, Inside the Magic has gone ahead and found a POV video that shows you what it would be like if you dared to ride this icon of the Magic Kingdom with the lights on.

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Have you had a chance to ride Space Mountain with the lights on? Where does Space Mountain rank in your list of best Walt Disney World Attractions? Which Space Mountain do you think is better: The one at Walt Disney World or the one at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments!

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