Guest sues Disney after alleged Space Mountain injury

in Walt Disney World

Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

A woman from the United Kingdom has filed a suit against the Walt Disney World Resort over an injury she says she sustained when attempting to board a ride vehicle at a Magic Kingdom attraction during a trip to the parks almost 2 years ago.

Space mountain

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this month in Orange County Circuit Court, then-48-year-old Samantha Howard, a citizen of the UK, was injured when she began to climb into the rocket ship ride vehicle at Space Mountain in Tomorrowland in September of 2017.

The lawsuit, which is seeking more than $15,000 in damages, makes specific claims that the safety bar was still in the down position, but that because the loading area is very dark, it was difficult for Howard to see the bar initially. The suit further accuses Disney World Cast Members of being negligent in not lifting the bar up before passengers began boarding.

Space mountain
Credit: Disney

According to Howard’s attorney, Stefano Batista-Cagan of the law firm Morgan & Morgan, Howard caught her foot on the safety bar and lost her balance, which caused her to fall and break her ankle as she was boarding the ride vehicle.

Earlier this month, a woman filed suit against Disney after she was knocked down by a motorized scooter. The incident happened aboard a Walt Disney World transport bus after the bus made a sharp turn. Her lawsuit alleges that the driver–an employee of Disney World–failed to properly secure the scooter in the bus with safety restraints, causing it to move from its position and strike the woman. She also is seeking more than $15,000 in damages.

Earlier this year, yet another woman sued Disney, claiming she was run over by another Guest riding a motorized scooter at Epcot. She says she fell to the ground after being hit by the scooter.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel


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