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Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Mark

    While the wc thing was not on wdw bc bus drivers are supose to help you on not lock your evc bc theres hundreds of evc not just wdw that are used. It goes w the safety thing of knowing you can help someone onto the ride but you have to ask first etc bc some pc people dont want to be touch!
    This on the other hand is on the cm on both ends the loader should have known the seat was down and and let the guest know they will be next ride! The person watching the ride coming in should have watched this a reiterated it! But again it happen in 17… its def a “claim” bc coming out of wood work??? If there was no injury report on file at wdw etc it might not be the easiest thing to convince wdw it happen!

  2. Harley

    Its sad she got hurt bc this is bad but i been there when they are yelling like crazy next car etc esp if its early/late and they are bringing new cars on/off or if its an hm etc they will hold you before the belt and not even load you! I never seen cm not telling people meaning shes on vaca and not listening but thats nothing new not something to sue wdw over.

  3. Tom

    Im wondering how old and out of shape these women r. Disney is for the children not some middle aged slow moving gold digger. Play a game of bingo and leave the rides to the young youthful of america

    1. Harley

      Wow just wow first judgemental much second disney is for everyone! Yes granted she probably was old and not listening but its still sad! Also disney said wdw and dl is a place for families yes but also for young and old aka young at heart! Not your a senile old person get out!
      On another note Btw i agree w mark wo an injury report to prove she was hurt and this incident sadly happen its going to be a hard process! Even as a cm you need to file reports before i left i got sick on the job and it was working a specific location i wouldnt have been compensated wo injury reports, recovery timed off, and hosp/dr records (and these needed to be directly after incident not months later).

    2. Melanie Durham

      Wow!!! Why are you even reading about Disney content if you feel this way? Walt Disney said Disney is for the young and young at heart! I’m a 47 year old woman and I go to WDW monthly if not more without my children!
      I feel bad for the lady that broke her ankle! It’s just a bad situation for all parties!

      1. Mark

        To agree w both harley and melaine why are you here commenting if just to be rude? This is happening alot on this site! Gheez everyone calm down!
        Also as a friend whose single mom bbw and in her 40s says
        “Love myself love my son kiss my (well you know cant say here) bc i am proud/lovewho i am and apparently you don’t bc you had enough in you to judge me on what? “

    3. Desiland

      WoW, that’s harsh ?? So No one but kids are allowed to have fun at Disney after All the money the old lady (as you called her) might have spent on her children or even grandchildren if she had any with her & IF by chance there were no children with her why in the world would you say such a nasty remark? What a looser you are. All the Disney resorts are meant for EVERYBODY, not just for little snowflakes like you who believe you Own Everything and nobody else can do Anything fun but you. Get a life little boy. I Will ALWAYS LOVE DISNEY & GO WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT. DISABLED AND ALL ???

  4. Harley

    Sadly i had to do this on a line recently person laughed then was like well the line would move if it wasnt for this (colorful language plus derogatory wrds for fat) lady to move!
    I said exactly as you said wo the read between lines end and said instead: ” its really and doesnt say much for you that you can just judge me on appearance”! Everyone around me applauded! I am shy and humbled shouldnt need to stand up for myself but then the day comes sadly!

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