Stephen Colbert Mocks Disney for Lack of Parking Trams

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The ongoing closure of the tram service at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort has left Guests feeling quite “tram-atic” lately.

Social media is rife with Disney fans complaining about the walk, with Guests posting photos of the abandoned trams in the parking garages. 

Though Disneyland has revealed the parking trams will be returning to the California theme park resort in 2022, Guests and Disney fans alike are still baffled by the tram service’s continued closure.

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Credit: Screenshot via Disney Programs YouTube

Now, it looks like television personalities are chiming into the debate, with Stephen Colbert, comedian and host of The Late Show, recently calling out Disney for the closure of the trams.

The Downtown Disney District reopened last summer following a months-long closure, and the Simba parking lot with it. Later in March 2021, when A Touch of Disney began its limited-time offering at Disney California Adventure Park (over a month before Disneyland Resort would officially reopen Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park on April 30), the Mickey & Friends parking structure reopened to the public. But since then, the trams have still not been running.

Pre-pandemic, the Disneyland trams would usually bring park-goers from the Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals parking garages to a drop-off and pick-up location located adjacent to the Disneyland Explanade. And even though Disneyland Resort has attempted to sprinkle some pixie dust onto the negative situation, with the tram walkway being decked out in fun “Welcome Back!” signage back in spring 2021Guests are still yearning for the tram’s return.

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Credit: D23

The two-thirds of a mile walk along the tram route between the parking garages and the entrances of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure has caused much debate among fans. The tram route is about the same length as the distance from the Disneyland front gate to the back of the Park in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Stephen Colbert made a dig at Disney Parks during a short segment about the effect of COVID on the service economy. He specifically noted the fact that Walt Disney World reopened more than a year ago, but the free parking lot tram service has yet to resume.

Colbert noted the huffing and puffing of Guests who have had to walk long distances from the parking garages and lots to reach the theme park entrances.

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Credit: Variety

He jokes in the segment below that Disney has turned the parking lot walk into an attraction called “Simba’s Boiling Asphalt Stroll.”

“For example, even though Disney World has been reopened for months, they have yet to restart their parking lot tram services, forcing visitors to walk nearly a mile to enter the Parks. Of course, this being said they’ve rebranded it ‘Simba’s Boiling Asphalt Stroll’.” 

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Credit: The Late Show

You can watch the segment from The Late Show below:

News on the return to trams to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has yet to be announced. Another form of transportation — the Disneyland Monorail — reopened in mid-October. The Toy Story surface parking lot reopened in June with bus service to and from the parks.

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