Disney Attraction Abruptly Stops as Guests Escape From Ride Vehicle

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Splash Mountain

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At Disney World, it is important to know that although the main goal is for every Guest to have a magical and memorable day, they must always follow the rules and adhere to Disney’s safety guidelines.

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Since Walt Disney World is private property, they can make their own rules and regulations and have the ability to remove a Guest from their property for disobeying those rules. We have seen this done in the past when Guests have broken safety rules such as drinking from the decorative fountains on social media, as well as posting footage that revealed backstage.

Splash Mountain
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We have also seen Guests leave their ride vehicle while in motion in an attempt to steal a cucumber, which, of course, did not end well and left the Guest on the floor as jumping out of a moving ride vehicle is not allowed as it is incredibly unsafe. Whenever a Guest boards an attraction, they are told to keep their arms and legs in the vehicle at all times, since the attractions are not meant to have Guests jump out while they are in motion.

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In addition to telling Guests this, many attractions also have lap bars for added for protection and safety. That being said, it seems that even when secured into an attraction, some Guests thought it was ok to slip out of the attraction while it was in motion. Recently, at Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain came to an abrupt stop after two Guests managed to escape the attraction right before they entered the laughin’ place.

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splash mountain
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It seems that the gentlemen and child were able to slip out of the attraction while it was in motion and made it out of the ride vehicle and onto the side of the attraction prior to the final drop. As the ride has cameras placed throughout, Cast Members were able to see that someone escaped and stopped the attraction immediately to remedy the situation.

Luckily, it seems no one was injured during this incident; however, as we mentioned before, this is against Disney World’s safety guidelines and should never be attempted by Guests. We are unsure as to what consequence the Guests faced, if any, but an offence like this could be cause for removal from the theme park.

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The reason for the Guest’s decision to get himself and the child out of the moving vehicle remains unclear. Perhaps the younger child was fearful of the large drop as they exited the attraction just before the lift. Again, that is purely speculation. Guests should always be sure that they can ride the entire attraction while seated before boarding, as you cannot exit while the ride is in motion.

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Disney also has warnings for every attraction, warning Guests what to expect and noting what Guests should potentially not ride for their own health and safety.

To learn more about the rules and regulations set out by the Walt Disney World Resort, click here! If you are ever unaware of whether something is or is not allowed, you can always ask a nearby Cast Member.

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