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Splash Mountain

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  1. If kid says no, don’t force. Panicking make you do crazy things. Two kids crying and screaming to grandparents NO at Haunted Mansion. When we got to cluster area for ride, I screamed, find the exit, these kids don’t want to ride!!!! Cast member helped them. I don’t do splash mountain or Space mountain.

    1. Tommy Dodger

      “When we got to cluster area for ride, I screamed, find the exit” You must be a great guy to hang around with.

    2. Ron

      Was it really that important for you to be the first to get the jump on other sites, that you are willing to post without knowing the whole story. You didn’t have enough information so you had to fill the majority of your article with fluff. You don’t why or how they got out of the ride vehicle. You don’t know if there we any consequences for their actions. Come on guys you call this reporting.

      1. Becki b

        Excellent comment I agree!

  2. Karen Taylor - Steward

    I can understand if it’s to do with a child, & parent had a good reason but they also could of caused injury too, but when a adult gets off to pick a cucumber in the land while rides in motion they should know better & they should of been removed from parks, apparently they also the girls been drinking so should of been removed from parks & banned as they should of known better , but cast members should be on route of the rides just incase a child is in distressed then this wouldn’t happen the ride could be stopped, they get off safely & ride continues

    1. Anyone who removes themselves from moving ride should be ejected from park. They would be first ones to sue if they got hurt

    2. KE

      It’s “should have” or “should’ve”…
      NOT “should of”…

      1. J Walker

        Thank you! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Jason

    Actually it had nothing to do with cameras. Do you see the Matt the gentleman is standing on? It’s an intrusion mat. It’s pressure sensitive and will activate when stepped on which stops the ride.

    1. Thor

      Whats worse is slso this article “which, of course, did not end well and left the Guest on the floor as jumping out of a moving ride vehicle is not allowed as it is incredibly unsafe. Whenever a Guest boards an attraction, they are told to keep their arms and legs in the vehicle at all times, since the attractions are not meant to have Guests jump out while they are in motion.”

      It’s like yelling people not to jump out even though people do anyways and are told at the ride entrance

      Or stealing stuff this article is written ip like jumping out of the boat to steal an item is a accident..

      1. Phil

        The “perhaps” was annoying and pure speculation.
        Not good factual reporting.
        Rag newspapers do that often.
        “An unnamed source tells us…”

  4. Rtbird

    On my last visit to Disneyland Resort, I saw 3 incidents happen and all 3 times the cast members were quick to action. (1) A little kid was on the train ride (Trip Around the World). She got up from her seat towards the cars exit. A cast member noticed this right away and called out for the girl to return to her seat right away. The parents just laughed it off. (2) While the carousel was in motion, a parent and their young kid got up and was trying to jump off. Cast Member stopped the ride, got on microphone to remind all passengers to stay seated or standing while ride was in motion. The cast member was worried for the child’s safety and you could see it. (3) Near the end of Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin, a child got up and stood in the car to face opposite direction of the path. Cast members stopped the ride quickly and reminded guests of safety while on the ride. The stoppage of the ride caused it to shut down for about 30 minutes (I was in line). I thanked all the cast members involved in each occurrence and told them they were doing an excellent job.

  5. Ron

    I think I was on Splash Mountain when this happened! Anyone know the exact date?

    1. Dylan

      Ron, it happened today so probably not if you have to ask the date. But this happens more than you’d think so you might have been on for a different/similar occurrence. This article is from today though(August 22nd 2021). I saw the ride being evacuated but was not on it

      1. Greg

        It happened on Saturday the 21st. My family of 10 was on the ride. First ride we went on when we got to the park. Staff was professional. Provided us with water and fast passes. Frustrating but what can you do.

  6. Al

    These kids are little, where are the parents? Did they say get out with your sister… I’ll meet you at the exit? Are they on the ride alone?

  7. Fette

    Not positive, since it’s been a few years, but I was thinking that this ride doesn’t have restraints. Don’t you just sit in and straddle the seat?

    1. Dave

      Disneyland’s Splash Mountain has no restrains in their log vehicles. Walt Disney World’s version of Splash Mountain does have lap bar restraints. The logs are different seating configurations as well, Disneyland’s Splash has 6 rows with one rider for each row, while Walt Disney World’s Splash vehicles have side by side seating.

  8. Dee Stephens

    Very poorly written and/or edited article. Reading it was difficult and gave me a headache.

    1. Kim

      Agreed. Everything was poorly written. My 13 and 11 year old granddaughters have a much better command of the English language and how to write than this person.

    2. JFO

      This was so bad. I’m nauseated while reading it.

  9. Shane

    At least they’re wearing their masks. /s

  10. Andrew

    There are so many things wrong with this. First, it needs the attention of an editor desperately! (Feel free to reach out to me.) There are a number of grammatical errors, as well as unnecessary verbiage.
    I’m honestly surprised that someone allowed this as an article in its current form. I’m sure a couple of phone calls would have likely yielded the reasoning of the riders and their fate as guests of the park. As it reads right now, it seems more like a piece thrown together last second before a deadline or in an effort to be first to report on it. The filler about the rules, reiterated later in the article, reads like filler in an effort to reach a minimum word count. This adds to the sense of a last second writing with little research or investigation.
    Again, a good editor will prevent these things. I resubmit my offer of such a position.

  11. David

    It seems to me more dangerous to exit the ride than to just take the plunge with the child. Mistake to get on the ride compounded by mistake to get off during the ride.

  12. Karen

    Years ago my daughter did the same thing. At the very top she panicked n jumped out. My husband not wanting to leave her jumped out after her. The ride stopped until employee reached them. Everyone was fine. Employee said it happens a lot. No scolding and cast member was very nice and understanding. We went about our day enjoying rest of the theme park.

    1. Phyzzi

      Yeah, this was my guess too. Anyone who actually has kids knows that their reaction to intense situations isn’t what one would call well thought out. Kids do weird and dangerous stuff for anything from fear to hunger and itt can turn on a dime sometimes. Also, it’s actually a good sign that the parent was there holding the kid in the picture (it means they responded quickly and didn’t brush it off). Disney definitely deserves credit for their safety in this case, but this certainly wasn’t equivalent to some social media stunt by someone who should have known better but likely just a slightly scary child freak out.

      1. Very poorly written and investigated. If you do not know all of the details simply state that you will have more information to come. Also noticed you reiterated the rules as a filler…smh. Know all of the facts before reporting on something. This to me looks like a child got scared and jumped off and his family member was holding and consoling him, not a case of someone looking for some social media attention. You really should gather all facts before reporting a story.

  13. JFO

    This article is so bad that it reads as though it was written by a 9 year old. Who taught you how to write sentences? You might want to think of a different hobby. Hopefully this isn’t your career. Eeeek! My head hurts. LOL I’m not even sure the point of the whole thing…

  14. Anthony

    Who taught this individual to write? Are they getting paid to do their job wrong and awful as can be? How can you fet a job writijg at 9 years old mental and writing capacity?

  15. David Dobrzycki

    We were evacuated off the ride on August 22, 2021. This would explain why we had to get off and leave.

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