Anna and Elsa Make SURPRISE Appearance on ‘Frozen’ Parade Float

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Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration honors some of our favorite heroines and how they have the courage and kindness to overcome any challenges they may face. As Disney Parks Blog stated, “From Moana’s courageous efforts to rescue her people to the kindness Belle extended to a stranger, we take this time to celebrate their valiant acts and stories of personal triumph”.

The Disney Parks around the world are hosting Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration, each in their own way. Disneyland Park in California celebrates with the debut of the reimagined Snow White’s Enchanted Wish while Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating the Castle of Magical Dreams, which was unveiled for the Resort’s 15th anniversary.

And at Disneyland Paris, the celebration officially kicks off next week; however, Guests can already spot a variety of Disney Princesses throughout the theme park — including Elsa and Anna from Frozen!

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Credit: Disney

DLP Report took to Twitter today to share a video that showed Guests being surprised with the Frozen-themed parade float in preparation for the Ultimate Princess Celebration:

Video: Anna and Elsa (in a new dress!) make a surprise appearance onboard their Frozen 2 float this afternoon, in preparation for the Ultimate Princess Celebration!

DLP Report also shared another video of the Frozen parade float, which hosts Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Sven, along with the caption:

For the first time in literally forever – welcome back to Disneyland Park, Queen Anna and Elsa!

Elsa is glowing with joy as she waves to Guests from a safe social distance in her dress from Frozen 2, with Anna sitting in front of her sister, also waving to Guests from the float. DLP Report shared:

Elsa is wearing her lovely new dress on this surprise visit. She’ll appear in it several times a day alongside Queen Anna, Olaf and Sven for the Ultimate Princess Celebration next week!

Seeing Elsa and Anna make their way through the theme park once again is pure joy, as Guests were surprised with their appearance today. DLP Report shared a handful of photos showcasing Disney royalty:

Finally another parade float is back on the route. What a breath of fresh air!

We cannot wait to see how else Disneyland Paris plans to celebrate Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration. Will you be visiting?

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