More Than 3 Dozen Furry Friends Added to ‘Snow White’ Ride

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snow white's enchanted wish

Credit: Disney

Disney Imagineers were hard at work during the temporary theme park closures at Disneyland as they reimagined the classic Fantasyland attraction Snow White’s Scary Adventures to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

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snow white kiss
Credit: Screenshot via Disney YouTube

The reimagining of Snow White’s Scary Adventure to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish was done so that the attraction would appeal to a larger crowd and would be more friendly for children. Disney Imagineers were hard at work as they reimagined certain aspects of the ride, including creating a new scene that shares Snow White and The Prince’s first kiss.

But that’s not all because Imagineers also added over three dozen NEW furry friends! Disney Parks Blog recently shared:

What’s better than a bunch of furry friends? Even MORE furry friends! Take a peek at the more than three dozen new animals inside the recently reimagined Snow White’s Enchanted Wish at Disneyland park.

Kind creatures such as squirrels, rabbits, deer and birds fill the forest with fun as Snow White travels through her timeless tale. We’ve highlighted several of the adventurous animals in the video below… How many can you spot? Whistle while you work to find them all!

snow white
Credit: Screenshot via Disney Parks

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If you have ridden Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, you may have spotted some of these woodland creatures including rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds!

Speaking of birds, did you know that there are actually more birds than any other animal within the reimagining? You will spot bluebirds, doves, crows, and more so keep those eyes peeled when going through the adventure.

snow white
Credit: Screenshot via Disney Parks

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You can watch the full video below — How many animals can you spot?

More on Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

The official description of Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, which is much different from the previous description for Snow White’s Scary Adventures, reads:

Follow the Fairest of Them All

Settle into a wooden mine cart and accompany Snow White as she flees from the evil Queen.

Begin your fairytale journey in the cozy cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, then visit dazzling mines filled with glowing gems. Soon you’ll be riding into the Queen’s sorcery chamber and discovering a magic mirror just as Snow White bites into a poisoned apple!

When all looks lost, will Snow White find her own happily ever after?

New Magic Added to a Classic Attraction

Discover new shimmering and sparkling effects, plus dazzling new scenes with Snow White dancing, the scent of pies baking, and the evil Queen’s collection of spell books and bubbling potions.

Beware the Queen’s Window!

Peer up at the window above the outside entrance to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish and, if you’re patient, you might see the evil Queen pull aside the velvet drapery to spy on those below.
snow white
Credit: Screenshot via Disney Parks

Have you experienced Snow White’s Enchanted Wish at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below.

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