Aerial Photos Show Fireworks Illusion at Magic Kingdom

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aerial photo of fireworks disney world

Credit: @bioreconstruct

Guests are piling into the theme parks at Walt Disney World now that fireworks and nighttime spectaculars have officially returned. Guests tend to claim their “perfect” spot as early as possible, whether that’s around the hub in front of Cinderella Castle to get the perfect view of Happily Ever After — or around World Showcase Lagoon for EPCOT Forever.

But, thanks to Bioreconstruct on Twitter, we now have a new “perfect” view of the fireworks — and you don’t even have to leave your couch!

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Happily Ever After fireworks
Credit: Disney

Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) took to Twitter to share a handful of photos this morning, which showcase beautiful bird’s eye views of Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom:

Aerial photo of distant Magic Kingdom fireworks. The circle of pyro at center frames Cinderella Castle. In foreground is Four Seasons Resort.

In this next photo, you can see just how far away the fireworks really are from Magic Kingdom. While watching in the theme park, it looks as though the fireworks are being shot off right behind Cinderella Castle, but thanks to its aerial photo from bioreconstruct, you can see they are actually shot off at a distance:

Aerial photo of fireworks at Magic Kingdom. At center, bursts of pyro frame Cinderella Castle.

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Another photo shows how this illusion plays out as you can see the fireworks being shot off behind Magic Kingdom:

Aerial photo of fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Pyro trails are reflecting in the pond behind Tron.

This illusion is shown in the Tweet below as well:

Fireworks explode in this aerial photo of Magic Kingdom. Directly below are more shells igniting in the staging area.

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And this photo shows a straight-down view of the fireworks at Main Street, U.S.A.:

Aerial view of fireworks at Magic Kingdom, with a view straight down Main Street USA. Note the 2 ferries at dock waiting for guests.

And lastly, bioreconstruct shared another photo of fireworks shooting off behind Cinderella Castle:

Tall aerial photo of pyro bursting behind Cinderella Castle.

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More on Happily Ever After

magic kingdom fireworks
Credit: Disney

If you have never seen Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom, the Disney World website describes this fireworks show as:

Go on a dazzling journey of color, light and song that captures the heart, humor and heroism of favorite Disney animated films. Watch in awe as Cinderella Castle becomes part of the story by magically transforming through amazing state-of-the-art projection technology you have to see to believe.

This astounding fireworks extravaganza uses lights, lasers and special effects, plus a soaring score featuring contemporary versions of beloved Disney songs.

Discover the magic of movies—and be inspired to find your own happily ever after.

Happily Ever After
Credit: Disney

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What do you think of these aerial views of Happily Ever After? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to visit Disney World to see fireworks on your next vacation, start planning today!

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