Get Stunning Disney World Firework Views Without a Park Pass!

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Disney World Cinderella´s Castle fireworks

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With fireworks returning to Disney World and Disney Park Passes becoming tough to snag as more Guests travel to Orlando, being able to see Happily Ever After or EPCOT Forever may seem impossible on some days.

walt disney world fireworks
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Once Disney’s Enchantment and HarmonioUS debut during the 50the anniversary, considering how Disney Park Passes are continuously selling out on October 1 for certain parks, it seems that the ability to book a last-minute evening trip to Magic Kingdom will not always work out.

Well, that does not mean you cannot see the fireworks. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing viewing spots on the property for Guests to go and see fireworks. So not only will you not have to deal with crowds of people, but also watching fireworks from a different location can be a unique experience that many do not take advantage of.

NYE Fireworks
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Since we only know Magic Kingdom and EPCOT have fireworks returning this year, as of the publication of this article, we will take a look at where to watch the fireworks from outside each Park.

Magic Kingdom

Of course, seeing the castle light up is a huge plus for Guests at Magic Kingdom watching Happily Ever After, but switching up the location can create a very intimate experience. Below are some of my personal favorite areas to watch the fireworks.

Disney Resorts are the go-to spots if you can’t get a Park reservation but want to see the fireworks. Magic Kingdom has three Resorts on the monorail loop that you can visit! Just remember, many Resorts require Guests to have a dining reservation, so if you want to visit a Resort, it is a good idea to go with drinks or dinner in mind.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort 

This is my personal favorite spot to see the fireworks when I am not in Magic Kingdom! I like to grab a drink and take it to the beach area, look out towards the castle, sit on a swinging bench, and hear the music pipe in from the speakers. The setting feels very relaxing and romantic and is a great way to see the fireworks without the crowds.

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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Here, Guests can sit on a rocking chair out on a boat dock and watch the fireworks go off, with the Happily Ever After soundtrack playing simultaneously. Being right on the water, it is very relaxing, and the Electrical Water Pageant comes by and offers sweeping views.

grand floridian pool
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Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The closest to Magic Kingdom, here is where you will get your best views. Guests have a variety of viewing options from outside to balconies that the Resort has set up. Guests can watch the fireworks, dine at California Grill, and watch the fireworks from the top floor of the Contemporary Resort.

Guests can watch from the windows, but they can also watch from the giant balcony attached to the restaurant!

disney's contemporary resort
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With EPCOT having so many resorts close by, Guests can get great firework views without being on property! Plus, once Disney’s Hollywood Studios resumes fireworks, these spots can give you a dual view of both theme park fireworks.

Disney’s BoardWalk 

I love watching EPCOT fireworks here! With all of the strung-up lights and the BoardWalk aesthetic, fireworks just add to the perfect image that BoardWalk already has. Plus, since EPCOT Forever, EPCOT’s current show, takes place mostly in the sky, you do not miss much!

Disney's BoardWalk
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Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club

Want the feeling of sitting in sand? Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club can give you all of that while you watch fireworks burst in the sky! Similar to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Guests can enjoy a relaxing view of the fireworks.

Disney's Beach & Yacht Club
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Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin

This is another EPCOT Resort with great views of the fireworks, and it is also a Resort that many Guests may not visit too often. I like seeing fireworks here because I find that there are many food options to choose from. From Italian cuisine to sushi, there is something for everyone.

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin
Credit: Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin

There you have it, seven other locations you can visit to see the fireworks if you ever can’t get a Park reservation, or perhaps you just want to shake things up and avoid the large theme park crowds. As a tip, if you end up watching the fireworks while inside Magic Kingdom, try watching from behind the castle. Of course, you will miss the projections, but fireworks will be going off all around you!

To find all the best spots to see Disneyland fireworks when not in the parks, click here!

What is your favorite spot to watch the fireworks when you are not in the theme parks?

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