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creations shop

Credit: Disney/Zach Riddley

It wasn’t long ago that Disney announced the famous shop in EPCOT — MouseGear — will not be returning to the theme park. Instead, Guests will be able to check out a brand-new store called Creations Shop, which is debuting this summer!

Creations Shop will feature a “bold, sleek design” and will showcase a “rich variety of items”.

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creations shop
Credit: Disney/Zach Riddley

In case you weren’t aware, MouseGear originally closed on January 6 for a refurbishment, which many thought would result in a revamped MouseGear to coincide with the overhaul happening at the theme park. However, we now know that wasn’t the case.

EPCOT opened a temporary location, which is located just behind Electric Umbrella across the breezeway on the side closest to Mission Space. This has allowed Disney Guests to still shop around for Disney apparel, kitchen supplies, coffee mugs, plush toys, and more. But this summer, the temporary location will close its doors as EPCOT debuts the brand-new store — Creations Shop.

Now, we are finding out more information about Creations Shop as well as getting a sneak peek at what it will look like thanks to Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley.

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creations shop
Credit: Disney/Zach Riddley

Riddley took to Instagram to share concept art as well as additional details behind Creations Shop. He began his post by stating:

I have enjoyed sharing with you some of our behind-the-scenes design thinking for EPCOT and our upcoming Creations Shop. I was just on-site recently with our team and they are making amazing progress heading towards our summer 2021 opening. I couldn’t be more proud!

We’ve focused a lot in our work on what makes this new design “feel like EPCOT.” We call it the “EPCOT aesthetic” and it’s a test we use in every one of our choices – from the largest moves down to the smallest details.

creations shop
Credit: Disney/Zach Riddley

Riddley went on to explain how the design of Creations Shop came to be and what the goal behind this project is, writing:

In the design of Creations Shop, we knew we would be working to restore an existing building. Our goal was to use this original geometry to our advantage – streamlining the façade and emphasizing the rhythm of vertical columns or “ribs” as we like to refer to them. As you can see in some of these original drawings and building sections, the space was always intended to be open and give flexibility to the program featured inside. We are bringing that openness back into our new designs as part of our new EPCOT aesthetic.

Our parti is all about the circle – and all our structural elements radiate from a center point at the heart of World Celebration. By simplifying the facades and emphasizing the beams between the columns – we will create uninterrupted lines that draw your eye from front to back. And these “beams” also give us space to integrate lighting and air conditioning for a seamless and functional look to the space.

In an earlier post I hinted about our take on the iconic light wells that defined this space, and look forward to sharing more as the new design continues to take shape!

You can view the full post here:

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At this time, we know the new store — Creations Shop — will open sometime this summer along with Club Cool, which you can read more about here. Guests can also look forward to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which will debut on Disney World’s 50th anniversary — October 1 — as well as HarmonioUS, a new nighttime spectacular set to debut later this year.

At this time, Creations Shop does not have an official opening date.

Credit: Disney

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Are you excited to check out Creations Shop once it officially opens? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to visit EPCOT on your next vacation to check out the new store and all of the other offerings at the theme park, start planning today!

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