How Do Guests Feel About MouseGear Being Replaced?

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Disney recently announced that the famous shop in EPCOT — MouseGear — will not be returning to the theme park. Instead, Guests will be able to check out a brand new shop, which is debuting this summer!

MouseGear closed on January 6 for a refurbishment, which many thought would result in a revamped MouseGear to coincide with the overhaul happening at the theme park. However, we now know that wasn’t the case.

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EPCOT opened a temporary location, which is located just behind Electric Umbrella across the breezeway on the side closest to Mission Space. This has allowed Disney Guests to still shop around for Disney apparel, kitchen supplies, coffee mugs, plush toys and more. But this summer, the temporary location will close its doors as EPCOT debuts the brand-new shop — Creations Shop.

Creations Shop will feature a “bold, sleek design” and will showcase a “rich variety of items”. Disney Parks Blog described the new shop as:

Creations Shop features a bold, sleek design that creates a perfect showcase for the rich variety of items you’ll find as part of your EPCOT experience. It will be an open, bright, welcoming environment with huge glass walls that allow sunlight to pour in and make you feel like you’re in touch with nature even while indoors. We are using color, materials and light in new ways with some unique EPCOT touches that connect back to this park’s storied past while looking to the future.

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As one door closes, another one opens — And we wanted to know just how Disney fans feel about MouseGear closing its doors for good. Inside the Magic decided to ask our audience to see if they were upset to see MouseGear close for good or if they felt like it was time for a new shop as we move into the future with EPCOT’s overhaul.

For starters, Facebook follower, Bill M. shared:

Yikes……this isn’t going to fly well with most fans. Although while I don’t care, I think most will call on MouseGears anyways….lol

And, another Facebook fan, Jorge V., expressed how much he loved MouseGear and hopes the new shop meets expectations:

MouseGear was amazing. This better be good. If the amount of store space is similar, it should be alright. Sometimes change is good, but it has big shoes to fill.

Shelly G. said MouseGear was one of the best shops on property, which many agree with:

MouseGears was one of the best souvenir shops

Over on Instagram, one of our followers, Chris (@skyguy_ofthesea) expressed that he feels it doesn’t go with the theme of EPCOT:

Creations just does’t go with the theme or vibe of epcot.

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The nostalgia was something a lot of people were upset about. One ITM follower, Nicole (@nikiterp86) shared:

It’s really just nostalgia as with so many changes at Disney. I’m sure it’ll be great though.

While another Instagram account who goes by WDW Family Vacation Memories (@nepaandfloridamemories97) expressed:

Had so much nostalgia window shopping at MouseGear ever since my first trip

runDisney Minnie Ears
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On the other hand, Robin J. is looking forward to the new shop, saying:

Love a new Disney shopping experience

And, Instagram follower Amy (@amy.naslonski) said:

it’s gonna be the same store just a name change so nothing to miss, just exciting!

ITM fan Shanna (@shan_isner) thinks it’s time to move forward so she doesn’t mind the change, writing:

Time to move forward. Things change, and parks (and their content aren’t museums). 

Instagram follower Jesse (@jessewgallant) shared that he felt there was nothing special about MouseGear anyway:

MouseGear just felt like a big warehouse department store to me

play pavilion
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At this time, we know the new store — Creations Shop — will open sometime this summer along with Club Cool, which you can read more about here. Guests can also look forward to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which will debut on Disney World’s 50th anniversary — October 1 — as well as HarmonioUS, a new nighttime spectacular set to debut later this year.

At this time, Creations Shop does not have an official opening date.

How do you feel about MouseGear closing its doors forever? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to visit EPCOT on your next vacation to check out the new store and all of the other offerings at the theme park, start planning today!

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