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  1. Cheryl Songer

    Other than World Of Disney at Disney Springs, MouseGears had everything a souvenir shopper was looking for. The replacement store is a laugh. Not many people leave with a purchase. It certainly hasn’t been lucrative for Disney.

    1. Pands Downe

      Well that is just the temporary store right now, not the replacement. Save your opinion for the new shop!

  2. Jocelyn Bechem

    Mouse Gears replacement name Creation Shop doesn’t have the same inquisitive pull as Mouse Gears. The first time I saw the Mouse Gears store I was interested in what could Disney possibly put into a Mickey Mouse store for everyone. The name of any establishment is key to the success of bringing people into your shop. When I first went into Mouse Gears I looked for and saw Mickey Mouse everywhere. When I first go into Creation Shop will I see jars filled with lava for play or clothes to design myself. It just doesn’t have the Walt Disney charm. Remember, “It About The Mouse”!

  3. Matthew Brewster

    First, STOP THE DEMOLITIONS!!! Second, Please BUILD SOMETHING!! Third, please call the new shop “Discovery.” (I also wouldn’t mind “Star Wares.”)

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