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Credit: Orlando Informer via Twitter

Universal Orlando has had a massive project in the works at CityWalk for quite some time now. The Universal Studios Store which serves as Guests’ one-stop shop to purchase anything Universal was being remodeled and moved to a giant location on the right side of CityWalk.

Lately, the construction has been progressing rapidly with signs going up, and construction walls coming down. It seems that the rapid speed has allowed the store to be ready for Guests because the brand-new Universal Studios Store is now open!

Universal store
Credit: Bioreconstruct on Twitter

As we can see through Orlando Informer’s (@OrlandoInformer) Tweets, the store has a sleek and open modern look, although the rounded archways do give it a slightly retro vibe, reminding this reporter of their Cabana Bay resort theming.

NOW OPEN: CityWalk’s brand-new Universal Studios Store is now welcoming its first guests!

Anyone who has been in the old Universal Studios Store (now, the Universal Legacy Store) knows that it was once very crammed and made it hard to move around when other Guests were around, but this new massive store looks a lot more spacious and open, which means it will be a lot easier to navigate.

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It also seems that some of the items on display are new to the Universal Studios Store as a whole with a Harry Potter kitchen set looking nice and dainty for Guests to take home and create their own Wizarding World. Universal’s merchandise is typically designed with a more intense look and clearly Universal, so it is nice to see this regal look come to life for Guests who prefer lighter theming to their souvenirs.

This brand-new collection of “Harry Potter” kitchenware took some style inspo from the Golden Snitch.

On the exterior of the store, we can see that the display windows are fully decorated. Interestingly, it seems that VelociCoaster is taking up a lot of the window space through the merchandise being showcased, as well as the attraction serving as the backdrop to the windows. Considering the ride is months away from opening in summer 2021, it does seem that VelociCoaster merchandise will likely be among the more popular choices for Universal Guests to purchase.

The apex predator of store displays is here! Jurassic World VelociCoaster is one of the highlights of the new Universal Studios Store’s exterior in CityWalk

Speaking of Jurassic World VelociCoaster, it seems Guests can watch the coaster roar to life with the new 360 projection screens at the Universal Studio Studios Store.

We’re getting some dynamic new footage of Jurassic World VelociCoaster in action this morning thanks to the new Universal Studios Store.

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Interestingly, we see no Super Nintendo World merchandise. Although Epic Universe is still years away from completion, the windows of the Universal Studios Store in the concept art showcased Mario and Luigi, but perhaps that rendering was solely created as an easter egg of what is to come for the store, now that Guests have seen Universal Studios Japan and their rendition of the new land.

Now, as Guests exit Universal CityWalk they will trail the Universal Studios Store, meaning the temptation to enter the lengthy shop is quite strong. Then, just as you are about to walk towards the moving walkway, the final entrance/exit juts out, enticing Guests to enter right before they leave. 

What do you think of the new Universal Studios Store? 

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