Universal’s Newest Park Rumored to Soft Open Soon!

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Universal Beijing Resort

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Universal is only a few months away from opening a brand new theme park in China. Universal Beijing Resort is set to open sometime in May, but now we believe that the theme park may hold soft openings in the near future.

Universal Studios Beijing is set to be Universal’s most detailed theme park. After all, its competition in China is Shanghai Disney Resort which is an over-the-top masterpiece, so Universal had to respond with a special creation of their own!

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Universal Beijing Theme Park
Credit: NBC Universal

We know that Universal Beijing Resort will feature Universal Studios Beijing theme park as well as Universal Beijing CityWalk and multiple hotels. This resort is large in size and scope and will appeal to not only the local Chinese market but also an international audience.

According to a Tweet by trusted Universal theme park reporter Universal Scoop, Universal is set to begin holding soft openings of Universal Beijing Resort in May 2021. Here is the English translation of this Tweet:

It seems that the rehearsal opening of Universal Beijing Resort has been confirmed on May 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 24 and 25.

Universal Scoop went on to say that only certain groups will be able to attend the advanced opening of the theme park:

As it has been said before, it seems to be open to related parties, specific residents in the neighborhood, and purchasers of advance passes.

With the apparent soft opening of Universal Beijing Resort ending on May 25, we may get an opening date soon if Universal is still planning on opening the resort in May!

Previously, we have discussed if Universal would have to delay the grand opening of Universal Beijing Resort. However if the soft openings happen, it would be a good indicator that the new theme park is on track to open soon.

Why is Universal’s Beijing theme park so important? Universal Beijing Resort is completely unique from its sister theme parks, Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Japan, and Universal Studios Singapore.

Universal Studios Beijing will host some incredible lands, such as Transformers Metrobase, Jurassic World Isla Nublar, and Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness. These immersive lands cannot be found in any other Universal theme park!

Pteranodon Flyers
Credit: Universal

Universal has recently opened Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. The grand opening of the land was delayed due to Japan declaring a state of emergency as coronavirus cases were rising. During that time the park was able to stay open, and it held soft openings of the land. In essence, we have seen Universal hold soft openings up until the grand opening of a new land, we would not be surprised if the same happened at Universal Beijing Resort.

If Universal does plan to open Universal Beijing Resort at the end of May, then the soft openings will continue all the way up until the grand opening or end just a few days before.

universal beijing
Credit: Universal

This new theme park will not be getting a Super Nintendo World, as the characters are not known in China due to a lack of Nintendo presence in the country as a result of strict video game regulations. That means this will be the only Universal theme park not to have a Super Nintendo World, once construction of this land is complete at various parks around the world.

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