What Disney Fans Think of Polynesian Resort’s New ‘Moana’ Theme

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If you are either a Moana or Disney World fan, you likely have already seen the new concept designs for the new Moana rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The entire resort is currently under refurbishment to incorporate details from the Moana IP into the hotel — the rooms have been one of the largest changes of all.

Credit: Disney

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Before the renovation, the Polynesian Resort rooms at Disney World had wood tones with seafoam green accents. Now, Disney has updated the rooms to look a little more modern with details of Moana scattered via wood carvings and wallpaper. The rooms do have more color now, which is something I personally prefer to the older rooms.

polynesian rooms
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All of this being said, re-theming one of Disney World’s original monorail resorts is a big deal. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which for many feels like a tropical escape, now will be flooded with Moana, which may not be everyone’s favorite IP. Let’s take a look at what Disney fans are saying about the new re-theme. Is it a smash hit, or will the Polynesian be seeing a drop in reservations once the renovations are complete?

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polynesian rooms
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It seems that there are many Disney World fans who have seen the new photos of the Moana inspired bedrooms at the Polynesian, and are loving it!

One Disney fan had a conversation on Twitter about the rooms. K Y L E (@agathaschaos) was seemingly excited about the rennocations asking “omg where is this?”, when Timmy (@pietrosdjarin) responded:

it’s the polynesian resort in disney world!! they renovated it and added moana rooms and i want to go so bad

K (@bostonfiancee) is now temped to visit Walt Disney World, due to the newly renovated rooms!

I want to do bad! Especially with the new Moana rooms!

Some Guests are looking to swap Disney Resorts so that they can experience the new rooms once complete. SagiMewtwo (@SagiMewtwo) said:

I’ve been wondering if I should cut my two week stay at Pop Century for a week stay at Polynesian Village Resort. I mean, that is also celebrating its 50th with Walt Disney World at the same time and will have Moana themed rooms, as well as being close to Magic Kingdom.

And, then there are Guests who will continue to dream about sleeping at the Deluxe Resort, especially with the new rooms. Opposite Attractions Podcast (@oppattshow) said:

There’s almost zero chance I’ll ever be able to afford the Poly, but those Moana rooms are pretty great looking. Not sure I’ll like the Incredibles rooms at the A-Frame, mostly thanks to the superhero skeletons propped up next to the bathroom.

That being said, not all Disney lovers were ready to say goodbye to the tropical oasis that the old rooms brought to the Polynesian.

Riley (@rileytheshortie) took to Twitter to state:

i adore moana buuuuut it’s so sad saying goodbye to the old polynesian resort rooms 🙁 it’s the only disney resort i’ve ever stayed at too, which makes it worse

Some fans think that the new renovation makes the rooms look less unique to the Polynesian.

Attraction Faction (@AttractFaction) said:

I’m noticing that the new rooms look A LOT like the Coronado/Gran Destino rooms. Without the Moana stuff, I could have mixed it up. So really you’re paying a lot of extra money for location alone at Poly.Gran Destino will continue to be my favorite resort to stay at on property.

As we have previously discussed, Guests who love the new Moana-themed rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, you are in luck because the renovations do not stop there. The Lava Pool, as well as the Disney Resort hotel’s main lobby (Great Ceremonial House) are being refurbished as well. Now that we have seen how lovely the rooms seem to have turned out, it seems Disney is on track to make the rest of the Resort a Disney oasis, too!

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What do you think about the new Moana-inspired rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort?

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