Do People Feel Safer Driving or Flying During the Pandemic?

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Many people are yearning for a trip this year after the COVID-19 pandemic quarantined us all and halted all travel plans for 2020. Planning staycations have become the norm for some, and many Americans are speaking out about how safe they feel traveling in 2021 and what means of transportation they feel most comfortable taking — Road trips or flying on a plane?

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Travel In 2021

In a recent survey by Morning Consult, the company tracked to see how consumers feel about traveling in cars compared to traveling by planes, trains, or buses. In case you aren’t familiar, Morning Consult is a global data company that delivers insight on what consumers want and need. Some of their work includes researching COVID-19 data information, politics, economics, and more.

And now, thanks to their recent survey, we know that nearly half of Americans feel safe renting a car in 2021. Per their report:

Americans More Comfortable With Renting Cars Than Traveling via Planes, Trains, Buses: Forty-seven percent of U.S. adults said they currently feel safe renting a car, a figure that has fluctuated in 2021. It dropped 10 percentage points from late February to early March before increasing through the rest of the month. Comfort with planes and trains ticked up for the past two weeks, while comfort with traveling via bus remained at 22 percent for three weeks before jumping to 27 percent this week.

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The company also discussed and received feedback from travelers on how comfortable they feel going on vacation again compared to dining out or shopping at malls. Morning Consult reports:

Consumers Most Eager to Resume Vacations, Road Trips and Hotel Visits: Between travel, dining out and shopping at malls, consumers are most excited about eventually going on vacations again. Sixty-one percent said they’re excited to go on vacation after the pandemic is under control, with 53 percent looking forward to road trips in particular. Forty-five percent of respondents said they’re eager to book a stay at a hotel, while roughly one-third are excited about trips abroad and cruises. Read more here.

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Disneyland Reopening

The Walt Disney Company recently announced that Disneyland Resort will reopen to the public on April 30 and thus began recalling many Cast Members as they are eager to return and begin retraining.

For many, the long-awaited return has Guests planning their next Disneyland trip. Although Disneyland is reopening to the public, it is important to note that for the time being, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure will only host California residents. This could mean renting a car for some and an increase in road trip travel for the people of California as many more memories are made in the Disneyland theme parks.

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Road Tripping To Walt Disney World

Road trips are a wanderlust’s dream and help create memories that last a lifetime. For many Disney fans who are driving to Walt Disney World Resort, it can be a magical experience, and there are plenty of Disney fans who are opting to drive to Disney World’s theme parks like EPCOT or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, rather than fly, even if that means driving across the country. One of the best parts about driving to Disney World is when you’re faced with the iconic archway. In case you missed it, the sign recently received a makeover to match the recent paint job done on Cinderella Castle.

If you are wanting to visit Walt Disney World, which reopened in July, make sure to familiarize yourself with the new restrictions and guidelines that have been put into place to help keep everyone safe.

One big change is the new reservation system Disney World implemented called the Disney Park Pass system. We already know that Park Passes are filling up faster now than ever with people ready to travel once again. The theme parks are currently operating at a 35% limited capacity, which means that not as many Guests will be able to enter the park as they have in the past.

Additionally, with the recent announcement of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration coming in October, it’s safe to say that Walt Disney World is becoming more popular in 2021 than in 2020.

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Though road trips are increasingly popular, there are many Disney fans who live in Canada and who are unable to drive or fly to the U.S. to visit Disney World at this time.

With the Canada-U.S. border still closed for leisure travel, many Canadian Disney fans are staying behind since it has become extremely difficult to travel by plane. Canadians can fly over the border but need a negative COVID-19 test within three days to fly into the United States. When leaving the U.S. and heading back to Canada, you will need proof of a negative COVID-19 test as well as a mandatory two-week quarantine and a second negative COVID-19 test upon landing. The next part of the quarantine in Canada must be done at a hotel of the government’s choosing until the second negative COVID-19 test is approved, which can get pretty pricey.

Read the latest U.S. travel guidance here.

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With that being said, Walt Disney World has continued to provide a safe and enjoyable trip to many during this pandemic with social distancing markers put in place and mandatory masks being required while on property.

We are thrilled to hear that Disneyland will soon reopen to California residents and that Disney Guests can look forward to many more road trips to Disney ahead as more and more people become comfortable traveling again.

Are you planning your next Disney road trip? Let us know in the comments below! 

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, we can help! Start planning today.

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