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Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

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Now that we have surpassed the one-year mark of the on-going global pandemic, it has been interesting to see how the progression of travel has increased, especially when looking at Walt Disney World.

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When the Disney World parks reopened in July, everything seemed incredibly empty. There were low wait times around every corner, and the parks were filled with Orlando and Florida locals, but travel from out-of-state Guests was not yet so common.

Fast forward to now, as Disney World handles its first pandemic spring break, Disney Park Passes have been wiped clean and the 35% capacity that each park can fill to is being maximized to its fullest potential. 

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As vaccines continue to be administered worldwide, it seems that the craving to have a hotel stay is becoming increasingly popular for many. Morning Consult has been tracking the demand for travel and tourism, and noted:

Major Hotel Chains Garner Highest Comfort Levels, but Comfort at Boutiques, Home Sharing Grows: Forty-four percent of adults said they would feel safe booking a stay at a major chain, up 5 points from last week following a drop from late February. Thirty-five percent expressed comfort with staying at boutique hotels, and 32 percent with home-sharing venues such as Airbnbs, both up slightly from last week but still trailing major hotels.

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Right now, Disney World is one of the most researched travel destinations in the world, likely because the majority of the state of Florida is open, so Guests and visitors have the best shot at a “normal” vacation when visiting. Plus with theme parks, dining, and beaches nearby, there is something for anyone in every age category, which can make Orlando specifically a desirable vacation destination.

According to the data, if 45% of adults want to book a hotel stay at a major chain, this means that 45% of adults would feel comfortable booking a Disney World stay, considering it is one of the most well-known hotel chains in the world. As we have seen the increase in demand of Guests who want to visit Walt Disney World, it seems likely that as we enter the summer months, which are typically the very high season for Disney World, that there will be an increase in visitors who would like to book a hotel. 

Now is the Best Time to Stay at a Deluxe Disney Resort
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Disney hotels also offer so many amenities and activities, that even those who may not feel so comfortable to enter a theme park just yet, but want to enjoy the Disney bubble can still book a staycation and not feel as if they are missing out. Many resorts are sprawling and offer bike rides, lots of food options, pool activities, scavenger hunts, and more offerings that will leave Guests feeling magical just from experiencing the hotel.

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Disney hotels have been incredibly safe throughout the pandemic from contactless check-ins to their remotes being wrapped once sanitized, which helps to ease Guests and increases their comfort when traveling.

Would you feel comfortable staying at a Disney World Resort right now?

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