Disneyland Horse Back on Main Street!

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Disneyland Horse

Credit: Disney (left) wonders_of_magic (right)

Everyone wants to know what’s going on at Disneyland Resort while it’s closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, even though Disney doesn’t expect to fully reopen Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park anytime soon, there is still much work to be done to prepare for the day that Disney gets the go ahead to tell the guards to open up the gates! Magic comes from the day-to-day pixie dust that Cast Members put into the Happiest Place on Earth. Even things that seem small to us fans may be a big part of what makes a Disneyland vacation so magical!

Disneyland Railroad
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Railroad

You hear the sound of the train on the railroad tracks coming int0 the Main Street, U.S.A. station upon passing through those entrance turnstiles. When you look up to see the smiles of pure happiness coming from the Guests onboard that train and sometimes, a wave or two, You know you’ve left your everyday life and entered into the magical world of Disney. This is confirmed when you walk by the giant floral Mickey Mouse face to see the sign on the railroad station tunnels that reads, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

Today, Cast Members were spotted by wonders_of_magic. An Instagram story shows these Disneyland workers seemingly inspecting the Disneyland Railroad tracks! Frequent inspections ensure that all the attractions are operating properly to welcome back Guests. Many fans have mentioned that riding the Disneyland Railroad is one of the first things they want to do upon returning to Disneyland, so they can soak up all the magic from the entire park before a full day of planned activities.

Disneyland Railroad Inspection
Credit: wonders_of_magic

Main Street Vehicles

One of the sounds that brings you back in time when you visit Disneyland is the sound of horseshoes clicking on Main Street, U.S.A. You look up to see the horse with carriage in tow. But, what are these Disneyland horses doing now that there are no Guests to entertain at Disneyland?

We’re sure the horses are missing seeing all the Guests too, but Disneyland Cast Members are still caring for our furry friends. Just like other attractions, the horse-drawn street car needs regular maintenance, too. We’re happy to say a Disneyland horse was also spotted getting some fresh air and a walk on Main Street, U.S.A. today. It’s quite possible that the horse-drawn street cars will be bringing around the Character Cavalcades when Disneyland Park reopens, as similar Main Street Vehicles have been seen doing at Walt Disney World Resort.

Horse-Drawn Street Car
Credit: Disney

At this time, Guests who visit Disneyland Resort can only visit the Downtown Disney District and the partially reopened Buena Vista Street area of Disney California Adventure. Soon, however, more of Disney California Adventure will be available as part of DCA’s upcoming all new limited-time food event.

It is important to note that no rides or attractions will be operational for this special ticketed event.

It warms the heart to see the little bits of magic that keep Disneyland Park running, even during these challenging times. Disneyland is preparing for us just as much as we are preparing for them to say, “Welcome home!”

Will you be taking a ride on the Disneyland Railroad or the Horse-Drawn Street Car when they’re available to us again? Tell us what you’re excited to see in the comments below!

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