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If you have visited Disney World since the parks reopened, you definitely have experienced the Disney Park Pass system which all Guests must now use through the My Disney Experience app to make a park selection. This means that Guests can no longer show up to Magic Kingdom and be granted entry as the Disney Park Pass system helps the theme parks to monitor its attendance and ensure it is aligned with the current 35% capacity limit in place due to the pandemic.

Now, with the news of the Disney Park Pass system extending into 2023, it looks like Disney could be keeping the system around for good — but why?

March Park Pass Availability
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There are a few reasons why the Disney Park Pass Reservation system is highly beneficial to the company. Before we even dive into those speculations, let’s remember that in 2020, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Josh D’Amaro said that the Park Pass Reservation system is the “new normal”.

The Disney Park Pass reservation system is currently in place to control how many Guests are allowed to enter Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT because of the capacity limit that the parks are currently undertaking. That being said, it is likely that by 2023, COVID-19 vaccines will have been distributed to all who want one, and the pandemic will hopefully become something of the past.

So why would Disney World extend the Park Pass system if they will likely no longer need to cap their capacity at a number less than 100%?

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Even after the parks return to full capacity, by having a Disney Park Pass reservation system in place, Disney can now know how many Guests to expect each day, whereas before, it was more of a gamble. By knowing which parks will be busiest, Disney will be able to staff accordingly and know what to expect for the day in terms of crowding.

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Right now, Guests know what the current Disney Park Pass availability is, which days are booked up, and which days are still available for which ticket type — keep in mind, Annual Passholders, Disney Resort Guests, and Theme Park Ticket Guests all have different tiers within the calendar.

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By setting up a system where Disney is always tracking the Guest count, there is a possibility that that information will not only be shared with Disney but perhaps Guests as well. This would theoretically allow Guests to swap parks if one seems too crowded, which would also help even out some parks with lower attendance.

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Making a Disney Park Pass reservation could also be a fun addition to planning your Disney World visit! Although for some of us who frequently visit Walt Disney World Resort often — Park Passes seem tedious because it erases the spontaneity of going to Disney on a whim — but for those planning vacations, this is an added layer to the exciting Disney vacation planning process.

Guests already have been accustomed to making FastPass+ reservations on their My Disney Experience app when it was available, which means that they had to pick a park to attend — so it really is not a new step, but a redundant one that will only add to Guests’ excitement.

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At the moment, all of this is speculation, but it does seem that the Disney Park Pass Reservation system would be beneficial to continue for the Walt Disney World Resort. Keep in mind that Disney is taking their COIVD-19 measures seriously, including continuing the requirement of wearing a proper face covering. But after the pandemic is over, keeping the Park Pass system in place may be another step in aligning Disney’s safety measures as we move into the future.

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Do you think that the Disney Park Pass reservation system is here to stay? Do you like the Disney Park Pass reservation system? Would you mind using it after the parks are back to full capacity? 

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