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  1. Larry

    IMHO this is better for all guests. No longer will a park reach such capacities that not one single guests has a good time. WDW tickets and resorts come at a premium and guests deserve to have the best time possible without overcrowding. For WDW it not only allows them to schedule cast members more efficiently, but also food services. Resorts will also benefit since first dibs on park passes go to resort guests.


    I have to say this does not make me happy! We like to go to more than one park a day and not have to decide ahead of time which one we want to visit. Also being a DVC Member is nice because resorts get first selections, but I am not happy that the outside resorts are included in this process.

  3. I am in Disney right now and there is no way they are at 35% Capacity!! Parks are as crowded as ever with 60 min waits at most good rides and no fast passes ? and it’s wall to wall people!

  4. Patrick D Heisinger

    I would be perfectly happy with keeping the park pass system if the number of days for passholders were raised to something like 6 instead of the current 3. We like to make plans well in advance. I do see the benefits of avoiding overcrowding.,

  5. Derek

    I don’t like the idea of keeping the reservation system. It doesn’t give you the ability for park hopping which we really enjoy. It limits where you want to eat and what rides you would like to experience. It is no longer a vacation but another planning issue, Vacations are suppose to be enjoyable—planning six months in advance isn’t. It makes every thing just chore–just like work. It will really make it difficult if the one ride you want is down for the day you plan.

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