PeopleMover Spotted Running Despite Recent Refurbishment Extension

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PeopleMover at Disney's Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Florida

Credit: Disney / @dawn8179

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover has been closed for what is coming up to soon be a year, with numerous refurbishment extensions leaving Guests with a strong uncertainty if the latest opening date, January 31, will also be extended.

Considering the attraction’s history with re-opening dates, it’s been difficult to determine when the PeopleMover will once again move the people, however, recent sightings are pointing to some good news.

Credit: Disney

Melissa (@dawn8179) took to Twitter to showcase a moving Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover train at Magic Kingdom. The Disney Guest stated:

Peoplemover is currently being tested at Magic Kingdom. Would love a soft opening today.

Considering that the attraction’s opening was pushed back over 2 weeks from January 10 to January 31, a soft opening before its previously extended opening date is highly unlikely. That being said, watching the PeopleMover fly through the Tomorrowland sky is an excellent step forward for the previously stationary attraction. 

The PeopleMover was previously “testing” in Magic Kingdom, however, that testing required Cast Members to physically push the attraction vehicles down the track. Although the TTA effortlessly glided when touched, it was a physical force that caused the attraction to move, which was a long way away from running as it typically would.

Credit: Disney

Although one Guest seemingly saw the attraction run on its own, another spotted Cast Members pushing the attraction vehicles, which isn’t uncommon lately while the PeopleMover is closed. TheUnofficialGuides (@TheUGseries) posted a video of the PeopleMover vehicles being pushed by Cast Members.

Empty PeopleMover cars are slowly traveling around the Tomorrowland track, spotted a CM pushing them thru the boarding station by hand.

To see the PeopleMover running smoothly now, and with barely any Cast Member assistance, is starting to leave this Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover fan excited about January 31, 2021, to actually be a date we can count on.

Previously, the attraction was delayed from November to December, then to January, then to later in January, so the hesitation that now comes with believing an opening date is quite valid for Guests. Plus, Disney World’s refurbishment calendar is constantly changing, and no closure or opening date is ever concrete.

Inside the Magic will continue to update you as we get information regarding this Tomorrowland attraction.

tomorrowland peoplemover
Credit: Disney

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Do you think the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover will actually open on January 31? Are you missing the attraction or does the closure not bother you? 

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